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Physically active women have lower risk of endometrial cancer

NEW YORK – Mild to moderate physical activity may minimize the risk of endometrial cancer associated with obesity, according to study of American Cancer Society.

Dr. Alpa V. Patel and colleagues noticed 466 cases of endometrial cancers between 1992 and 2003 in 43,000 postmenopausal women with complete uteri.

Researchers found that, active women engaged initially in mild to moderate exercises, such as walking, biking, aerobics or dancing, equivalent to almost two hours of moderately paced walking per week.

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Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations! It is discovered that you are going to give birth to your baby, whether you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. You always want to give healthy start to your baby.

healthy-pregnancyIt is very pleasant moment whenever a woman is expecting a baby. When you get pregnant it brings a lot of changes in your daily life at the same time it needs a lot of preparations for your baby and one of them is – changes.

The major changes are change in your diet. The period of pregnancy is normally for nine months longer and you have to need proper preparation and habits during this period so that the complications of pregnancy can be avoided thus giving great satisfaction yourself during pregnancy.

It is very important to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy.

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Unhealthy lifestyle may double stroke risk

Results of a UK study show that unhealthy lifestyle can put people at higher risk for stroke. People, who are less physical active, brain_attackconsume too much alcohol, smoke and have least amount of fruit and vegetables in their daily servings, have higher odds to be a victim of stroke.

According to the researchers, only a small proportion of the people who participated in the study had such lifestyle as could protect them against stroke.

A report in the British Medical Journal shows that people in UK have to spend £7bn on the condition every year.

There are some previous studies which indicate that unhealthy lifestyle like diet and smoking can increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks. However, the effects of a combination of risk factors were not quite clear in healthy people.

In their study, researchers from East Anglia University assigned one point for each healthy behavior that participants (aged 40-79) reported.

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