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9 Ways for Seniors to Stay Active

by Souti
Seniors to Stay Active

Do not let your age decide your life, rather do the otherwise! Seniors should not let age restrict them from enjoying the perks of life. There are plenty of ways to stay active but we are describing only 9 below which will keep you up and going to get the best out of your life!

1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise not just keeps you active, it also improves your posture, creates a sound mind, maintains body balance and enhances blood circulation. Cardio exercises help lessen fatigue and shortness of breath. Moreover, these workouts reduce the risk of injuries. Yoga and meditation relax the brain cells helping you clear your mind. Physical exercises (jogging, running etc) strengthen your muscles and enhance the ability of your joints.

2. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to chew on raw greens and unappetizing food. There are various mouth-watering healthy recipes for seniors. Gluten-free diet is proved effective for people suffering from Coeliac disease (body’s aversive reaction to gluten), brain fog (lack of mental clarity) and joint pains. If you can’t control your sweet-tooth, use artificial sweeteners in desserts and beverages to get the pleasing taste while preventing diabetes. Replace as much white flour as possible with whole-grain foods (brown rice, whole-grain pastas, brown bread etc). They are rich in fiber, improve your digestion and help you feel full for long. Saturated fats like vegetable oils, fish and nuts can also prolong your stamina.

3. Find a Hobby

Finding a hobby promotes your brain’s activity. When you indulge yourself in something useful, your mind constantly works out, which reflects on your health. Hobbies like gardening, cooking, hiking, water sports, dancing, shopping and painting pave your way to a healthy lifestyle.

4. Take your Power Naps

The secret to a fresh and glowing personality is your beauty naps. Sleeping early at night is no doubt whole-some, but you also require a power nap of two hours during the day to restore your mental alertness.

5. Use an Optimistic Approach

Think positively, so that your mind is at peace. Depression speeds up your aging cycle. Take part in volunteering and social services because spreading happiness gives inner satisfaction.

6. Get a Pet

If you live alone, you can adopt a pet as a way of reducing stress, increasing social interaction and physical activity. Psychological researches back up the benefits of animal companionship for elderly, both physically and mentally. Pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and birds engage you in healthy activities taking your mind off the anxieties of life. For the very reason, many nursing homes and elderly day care centers allow pets.

7. Involve yourself in Senior Centers

Small-scale health and social clubs for retirees offer exercise classes, field trips, dance classes, support groups and senior peer counseling. Martial arts inspired exercises, Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses are also available to stimulate body strength. People with arthritis, heart diseases and diabetes can specially benefit from these regular exercises. Community centers are not only great places to stay active, but also to meet new people.

8. Makeyour Social Circle Bigger

Isolating yourself from the world will only increase stress and make you sick. Get out there and travel different places! Invite others to your place and attend parties to make your social circle bigger.

9. Take Supplements and Get Frequent Check-ups

Growing older may limit your activities because of reduced stamina. Consult your health specialist for energy boosting supplements. Also,do not forget to get yearly medical check-ups to ensure your health isn’t at risk.

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