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5 Shocking Signs of Breast Cancer

by Ana

Breast Cancer

Women are always told to be careful about Breast lumps, which is an important sign of Breast Cancer. Andrew Putnam, Director of Palliative Care Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University says that Lump may not be the first sign of Cancer. Putnam further says that this Lump is found deep in the Breast Tissue, sometimes the surrounding tissue is dense, due to which Lump is not felt. Inflammatory Breast Cancer has other symptoms so be careful about all other signs too.

Breast Cancer

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Following are some surprising signs of Breast Cancer

  1. Pain in Upper Back

    Spine specialists check for the existence of Tumors, some women may suffer from Back pain before any other sign of Breast Cancer. The pain found in the upper back between the Shoulders can be perplexed with the Sore Muscles, pulled Ligaments or Tendons or Osteoarthritis of Spine.

    Most of the time, Tumors build up in the Glandular Tissue of Breast and it is spread to the Chest up to the Chest wall. If the Tumor grows towards Ribs and Spine, the pain is then felt in back rather than in Breast. Breast Cancer may spread to the Ribs and Spine.

  2. Itchy or Reddened Breast

    If you feel the Skin of your Breast has Rashes or it is hot to touch, it is 1 of the main sign of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.Inflammatory Breast Cancer can lead to swelling in Breast and it also becomes irritated. The Skin of Breast may also become Red or Purplish. Some women say that they experience a sudden change in the Texture of Skin, which can be found to be un-even. In the beginning the Redness of Skin may look like Allergic

    Reaction.Inflammatory Breast Cancer makes about 3% of Breast Cancer cases, this type of Breast Cancer blocks the Blood Vessels in the Skin. Red, itchy Skin is sometimes confused with the Infection of Milk Tubes around Nipples.


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  3. Changes in Nipples

    1 of the important place for Breast Tumor is beneath Nipple, it can also change the outlook and feel of Nipple. You may experience that 1 of your Nipple stays higher as it use to be. The Nipple may also look flattened or upturned. Many women feel that the sense of touch to the Nipple is also decreased; this fact may be noticed by you or your partner during Sex.

    The Skin of Nipple can become Scaly and Bloody or Milky discharge can also be found during Breast Cancer.A Tumor in the Milk Tubes can occur beneath Nipple, it can push the Nipple up or at 1 side. This Tumor can lead to Infection and discharge.

    Female nipple profile

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  4. Pain or Swelling in Lump or Armpit

    The Breast Cancer first spreads to Armpits. It makes the Lymph Nodes to get swell in the Armpit.

    The affected Lymph Nodes become soft and may buildup a Lump before Tumor and this Lump is quiet large to felt in the Breast. If you feel any pain in the Armpit, carefully check it with the help of your Fingers.  A Lump under Armpit is hard and it is linked with the nearby Tissues, so it will not move, when you will touch it. The Tissues of affected Armpit also become thick as compare to the Tissues of other Armpit.

    The Lymph Nodes in the Armpit are near to the Breast so; they get affected due to Lymphatic Fluid that flows to that area. Armpit is the nearest place, where Breast Cancer can spread.

    Breast anatomy normal scheme

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  5. Change in shape and Size of 1 Breast

    Opposing to popular belief, all Breast Tumors don’t cause a hard lump to be noticed. Woman in California, who is discovered with Breast Cancer in the age of 42 years say that we notice that 1 of our Breast is more Oval than the other and it hangs downward. The best method to check the shape and size of Breast is to see someone in front of Mirror. Stand in front of Mirror and look to both sides, move your arms and look from both sides. Try to find out the difference between both Breasts, if there is any.

    Some women detect these symptoms, when they feel that 1 side of their Bra is tighter. Sometimes your partner may also feel this difference during Sex.The growth of Cancer Tissue in Breast that may be covered by other thick Tissues can change the shape or size of Breast. If you feel that you have thick Breast Tissues, get Alert about that. It can be a sign of danger.

    The above mentioned are some common causes of Breast Cancer. If you feel any such sign too, get it checked by a doctor, as early as possible. An in time check up can save you from future complications.

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