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5 Shocking Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Women are always told to be careful about Breast lumps, which is an important sign of Breast Cancer. Andrew Putnam, Director of Palliative Care Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University says that Lump may not be the first sign of Cancer. Putnam further says that this Lump is found deep in the Breast Tissue, sometimes the surrounding tissue is dense, due to which Lump is not felt. Inflammatory Breast Cancer has other symptoms so be careful about all other signs too.

Breast Cancer

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What is Breast Cancer? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Breast Cancer

In year 2007 a research by American cancer society found that 178,480 new cases of breast cancer would be diagnosed in United States and further 62,030 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in the coming years. However, rates of death from breast cancer will decrease and it will keep on decreasing with the increase in awareness of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer develops in the breast tissues that cause the abnormal growth of breast. Most of the time breast cancer arises in women only 1% of breast cancer occurs in men. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. About one in eight women have the life time risk of having breast cancer.

Breast is made of fats, glands and the connective tissues. It has tiny lobes that end in to the milk glands. These tiny ducts run from glands and ends at the nipple.

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Environmental Factors that Can Cause Breast Cancer

Studies revealed that risk of breast cancer can be enhanced because of various environmental causes, like- chemicals, smoke etc. A few factors are follows:

•    Research revealed (New England Journal of Medicine) that using hormone replacement therapy can increase chance of breast cancer. It also enhances the chances of stroke as well as heart ailments, urinary disorders etc. So when you need some hormone replacement therapy (because of menopause) discuss with your doctor about some alternative process.

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A Gene and its Working can Cause Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Two of the wide spread problems of females throughout the world are Breast and Ovarian cancer and the scientists have been working on these cancers for very long still some causes or reasons were undefined.

breast-cancerRecently a new study was carried on the genes and their impact on cancers and for the first time in medical history the scientists have got successful in isolating the lengthy protein that is encoded by BRCA2 gene.

This thing has been notified that the dysfunction of this gene can cause both the above mentioned cancers.

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A New Way for the Breast Cancer Treatment Found

Breast cancer is a widely spreading problem of women worldwide and because of this; researchers and medical experts are also focusing on this issue from the past some time.

breast-cancer-treatmentRecently a research by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (WFUBMC) has revealed that they will soon help the women with breast cancer to get rid of the invasive and toxic treatments for the disease.

During this study the researchers have found that lower level of ferroportion that is the only protein capable of removing iron from cells, are associated with the most aggressive and recurring cancers.

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A Link Found Between the Household Cleaning Products and Breast Cancer

The breast cancer is a rapidly spreading disease of women worldwide and recently the US researchers have found a new area that can enhance the growth of breast cancer and according to researchers it is the household products like air fresheners and insect’s killers.

household-cleaning-productsThese household are used in almost every home but the cancer risks comes for those ladies who have a high rate of using these products as compared to those who just sparingly use these cleaners.

The study was carried by Dr Julia Brody, from the Silent Spring Institute, whose headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, and colleagues, you’ll get the complete report on a online journal Environmental Health on 20 July.

While talking with the press about this new issue, Brody said that “Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared to those with the lowest reported use”. A complete analysis of the usage of these household products was analyzed and the results took the researchers to this conclusion that the cleaning products are contributing to the Breast cancer among the ladies.

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