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20 Healthiest Diet Foods for You

by Ana

Healthy food is not only important for meeting all of your nutritional needs, but also to lose weight as well. However it needs to taste good. It’s not true that a healthy food means a food without your desired taste. You can find various healthy foods which can offer some great taste too. When you really like to get a fit & a strong body then only exercise is not enough, you need to have a perfect healthy food choice too, which is able to fulfill your nutritional requirements.

The following options will be quiet useful as your healthy food choice.


To make you heart healthy lentils always make their mark at the top, because of its fiber content as well as its flavones agents. Lentils are also popular for its protein source too.

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When you are following a strict diet then fish is your obvious choice & salmon should get the first priority in this regard. It contains omega-3 as well as vitamin D too. For preventing heart ailments, salmon could be a great choice.

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Onion is a must for various Indian recipes. For its own classical aroma, it’s able to enhance the taste of the dish. Though sometimes people like to avoid it for its strong smell, we should not forget that it’s a great supplier of quercetin & you don’t need to get worried about your calories too.

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whenever we think about diet, we like to sacrifice eggs first; however we forget the nutrimental importance of eggs. It’s a huge source of choline & also has several antioxidants. Some of the nutrients that egg offers are really tough to discover anywhere else.

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though it could sound a little wired, but crab is a good option for healthy food too. Its zinc as well as B12 source makes it a healthy option & you don’t need to be worried about calorie consumption too.

Image by : Crabmasala

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To get the taste along with the nutrients as well you can choose apricot. It’s a great source of beta-carotene, which is able to keep your vision healthy as well as is capable of battling against free radicals. This fresh fruit is also an exclusive supplier of vitamin A.

Image by : Apricot

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Greek Yoghurt

To keep your bones strong you need calcium & this requirement could be fulfilled by Greek yogurt. It’s a great supplier of healthy bacteria, which will help your immune system to stay strong.

Image by : Strained yoghurt

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Pinto Beans

Beans are great choice for people on a diet. It’s an excellent source of folate, which is capable of averting various heart ailments.

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There are various types of squash available in the market, like butter squash, a corn squash, pumpkin etc. These all are very good options for healthy food. With it being great sources of vitamin C along with beta-carotine, it’s really healthy as well as tasty too. By using these squashes, you can make different sweet dishes too.

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Fat Free Milk

We all are quite well aware that milk is a great source of calcium; however instead of having whole milk, skimmed milk can give you some healthy results.

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Avocado is considered as a super food. One of the major sources of monounsaturated fats is avocado. Presence of vitamin E, potassium, fiber & folate makes it special. With the help of avocado you can make various tasty mouthwatering dishes too. Instead of using cheese or mayonnaise, using avocado can give you some fruitful results.

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Nuts are always considered a good supplier of various necessary nutrients. Polyphenols from almonds, omega-3 from walnuts, and amino acid from hazelnuts are some of the examples. You can easily have them as a snack or use them as salad toppings or in your cereal too.

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Tofu & Edmame

when you need to stay away from foods like meat or cheese then tofu & edamame can help you to achieve your goal. These delicious options help you to get the taste of your favorite foods, without any side-effects. It’s a great supplier of very important polyunsaturated fats along with some fiber & necessary vitamins.

Image by : Japanese SilkyTofu

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In your food chart blueberries are like a must. This excellent source of antioxidant is really able to keep your body healthy. You can have it directly or in a cake or you can mix them in with your yoghurt too.

Image by : PattsBlueberries

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Olive oil

Instead of using other fatty oils, using olive oil can really give you some satisfactory outcome. A bit of sprinkle of olive oil on a salad can take it to another level. It helps your body to control the level of bad cholesterol too.

Image by : Black & Green Olive

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Broccoli is also quite popular for its ability to fight against several ailments. By combining these ingredients in your preparation you can make your body free from various heart ailments & cancer. You can use the steamed version of these ingredients too.

Image by : Broccoli

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Though you can find it quite smelly, however because of its various necessary nutrients you can at least try to have it in some different way. You can use it as a spice for your dish or you can use the paste of garlic too.

Image by : Allium sativum

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When you are following a strict diet, then spinach needs to be incorporated in your diet chart. It’s able to protect the heart muscles of our body.  It’s a great source of folate along with Iron & vitamin B. In this modern day cooking you can use different forms of spinach.

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Oatmeal is mostly popular for breakfast; however it could be used in chicken preparation too. You can use it to coat chicken. You can have plenty of fibers from oatmeal & it’s also good for averting ailment like diabetes.

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From ancient ages beets are always acknowledged for their various benefits. Beets are also used to prepare several kinds of medicines. Essential things for proper tissue growth, like vitamin B, folate is available in beets. It is highly recommended for pregnant women. It’s also quite popular for its efficiency in lowering blood pressure level.

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