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15 Simple Tips for a Healthy, Glowing Skin in Winter

by Ana

Summer is great and your skin feels alive. Whenever winter is in its full swing, dryness is at its peak.

Low humidity can turn into a nasty enemy for your skin and one finds relief in only scratching. During the dry months of winter, the skin becomes withered and shriveled and you start to become uncomfortable.

According to Bonnie Leplante, a lead esthetician at the Canyon Ranch resort in Lenox, Mass : “As soon as you turn on the heat indoors, your skin starts to dry out., it does not matter what you heat your house with, the skin gets dry.”

Healthy skin results in a fun winter. No need to worry. There are a number of things that you can do to make winter that can make it enjoyable as well. You don’t have to accept defeat in the war against dry, scaly skin and in order to make you victorious,

Here are a number of really easy-to-follow tips:

  1. Drink more water:

    Everything has a natural way of keeping itself healthy, and skin is no exception. In order to make your skin look healthy and glowing, drink lots and lots of water, for water is the main source of moisture for your skin. Also avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol for they absorb your body’s moisture and make your skin dry and cracked.

  2. Use a Humidifier:

    Whenever you turn on the heat indoors with the windows closed, the moisture within the room starts to decrease. In order to prevent this, use humidifiers. If you do not want to invest too heavily, relatively inexpensive ones can be purchased at the local drug stores and placing a few of these in your house keeps the moisture from going down.

  3. Use an Oil Based Moisturizer:

    Moisturizers that contain comparatively more oil are better for your skin. Moisturizers in ointment forms contain 80% oil and 20% water. Applying such creams creates a layer of oil on your body that prevents the moisture from escaping and prevents dry skin. A word of caution; do not use ointments on areas of your body that tend to get hot or sweaty.

  4. Take Baths in Luke Warm Water:

    Winter is a season in which you constantly want to stay warm. However, taking hot water baths will not help your skin at all. Instead, go for a luke warm water bath.

  5. Avoid Bubble Baths:

    Avoid taking bubble baths in winter. Soap and other detergents have bases like sodium hydroxide in them and these hydrophilic (water loving) in nature i.e. they absorb the moisture from your body quickly. So take a normal water bath instead.

  6. Use Body Scrub while Bathing:

    Dry skin is essentially dead. In order to remove this dead skin, use a body scrub while bathing for scrubbing is an efficient way of getting your body rid of all dead skin clinging to it. Also, scrubbing in circular motion is an extremely good technique.

  7. Frequent Oil Massages:

    Oil massages are also a good way of getting rid of dead skin and creates a layer of oils that prevent moisture from escaping from your body. It is also extremely relaxing and helps after a hard day’s work.

  8. Apply Sunscreen:

    Just because summer is over, it does not mean that your skin can not get damaged because of the winter sun. use sunscreen because it protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

  9. Use Lip Balm:

    During winter your lips also loose their moisture. Do not lick them for that will only make matters worse for you. Apply butter or lip balm instead.

  10. Dress in Layers:

    Always dress in layers while going out, with loosely fitted layers next to the skin. This will enable you to keep your body warm accordingly by removing or wearing more layers of clothing.

  11. Intake of Flaxseed Oil:

    Flaxseed oil keeps your body moisturized from the inside. Although it does not taste good, its intake will keep your skin healthy. This oil also comes in capsules.

  12. Don’t Blow Dry:

    I am afraid to tell you that a blow dryer is not your friend in winter. It dries up the moisture and makes your scalp dry and itchy.

  13. Wear Gloves:

    Do not expose your hands to the cold and keep them warm. Choose a good quality pair that does not irritate the skin.

  14. Shed Wet Clothes:

    Wet clothes are a main source of dryness in winter. So put your wet clothes and shoes in the dryer and do not use them until they are dry.

  15. Consult a Specialist:

    If your skin is naturally dry and nothing you do is working then stop immediately and consult a specialist because by trying more and more household tips you might do more damage than good.

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divyank December 17, 2011 - 12:32 am

i am having acne during these winters…how to keep it away?

geet October 11, 2012 - 4:36 am

nice tips. i’l try all these. Thank u

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