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12 Ways to Get Vitamin D

by Ana

Vitamin D

The Ultraviolet rays of Sun are the major cause of Skin Cancer and an excellent source of Vitamin D. We need to balance the risk of Skin Cancer by taking sufficient amount to Vitamin D from Sunlight. Sufficient Sun protection does not allow people to be at the risk of deficiency of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for the healthy bones. The studies suggest that there are many other benefits of Vitamin D too like protection from cold and fighting depression etc.

Calcium Regulation

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Vitamin D is formed in the Skin when it is exposed to the Ultra Violet rays from Sunlight.  Vitamin D is also obtained from some foods. It is required to maintain the good health and to keep muscles and bones strong and healthy.

According to the Institute of Medicine says that most people get enough Vitamin D.

If we don’t spend much time in the Sun or we have less Vitamin then we may not get enough. Here are 12 ways for the intake of Vitamin D:

  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight allows the body to prepare Vitamin D for itself. Due to the risk of Skin Cancer, it is not recommended to get these rays.Less amount of Sun exposure without the application of Sun block can be beneficial for the Skin.

    Stephen Hoing, MD, director of the Osteoporosis Center at the hospital for Joint diseases in New York says that if you want to get the Sun exposure, just 20 to 25 Minutes of exposure is enough for the Skin and Bones.


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    Some experts say that sometime the Sun has fewer chances to fulfill your daily needs, especially in winter. If you are aged and have dark Skin then Skin pigments blocks the Sunlight and this process is less effective with age.

  2. Fortified Milk

    All types of Cow’s Milk are fortified with Vitamin D in the United States except Ice Cream and Cheese.

    An 8-Ounce glass of Milk contains at least 100 IUS ( International Units Standard)  of Vitamin D and a 6 Ounce Yogurt contains 80 IUS, this amount can be lowered or higher depending on how much is added.

    Soy and Rice Milks are also fortified with the same amount; do check the label before buying because not all contain Vitamin D.

    Milk glass

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  3. Tuna Fish

    Tuna Fish contains Vitamin D in it, the fresh and the canned both are a good source of Vitamin D. Canned Tuna Fish is mostly expensive than the fresh Fish.

    The longer shelf life of the canned products makes easier to stock up these things at home and utilize them whenever required. Canned Light Tuna has most of Vitamin D in it about 150 IUS per 4 Ounces and Canned Albacore has about 50 IUS per 4 Ounces. Canned Sardines have less Vitamin D in it about 40 IUS per 2 Sardines.

    Tuna Salad

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  4. Supplements

    Dr. Hoing says that supplements of Vitamin D can help in getting you to get its dose daily. he says in the case of supplements, you don’t have to worry about the Skin Cancer like you have to in Ultra Violet Rays and it is not like Calcium.You don’t have to divide the dose of Vitamin D and you can take it all at a time.

    One should consult a doctor before deciding about dosage and too much Vitamin D can be dangerous. The limit set by experts is 4,000 IUS for people over 9 years of age and older, including all the sources like Food, Sun and Supplement etc.

    Vitamin Supplement Tablet

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  5. Egg Yolks

    Eggs are rich in Vitamin D. they are mostly consumed in Breakfast, lunch, Dessert, Bakery items and Desserts.Vitamin D in an Egg is present in its Yolk. It is good to eat the whole Egg, not just the White part of it. One Yolk can give about 40 IUS but don’t just rely on this source of Vitamin D, rather go for other sources too.

    1 Egg contains almost 200 Milligrams of Cholesterol, the American Association of Heart says do not consume more than 300 Milligrams of Cholesterol a day for Heart’s health.

    Egg Yolks

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  6. Beef Liver

    It is not very much attractive source of Vitamin D. a 3.5 Ounce of cooked Beef contains about 50 IUS of Vitamin D and many other nutrients like Vitamin A, Iron and Protein etc.Beef Liver is also rich in Cholesterol, so you can rather switch to Oily Fish, which does not have very high amount of Cholesterol in it.

    Beef liver

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  7. Cod Liver Oil

    The suggests its Savory flavor, Cod Liver Oil flavors like Mint or Citrus or it comes in the Capsule form.I Tablespoon contain about 1, 3000 IUS of Vitamin D. this amount is more than twice suggested, Dietary allows 600 IUS every day. This amount is not more than maximum upper-level of intake of 4,000 IUS for people above 8 years, but it is more than daily maximum amount for infants.

    Image by : MyDigitalSLR ( Cod Liver Oil )

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  8. Orange Juice

    Fortified Orange Juice also contains Vitamin D in it. 1 glass of 8 Ounce fortified Orange Juice has almost 100 IUS of Vitamin D, this brand varies from company to company. Every juice brand is not fortified, so you better check the label before buying.

    2 fortified juice brands, Florida Natural Juice and Minute Maid Orange Juice contain 100 IUS per 8 Ounce glass.

    Image by helter-skelter ( Orange Juice )

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  9. Fortified Cereal

    If you are looking to seek Vitamin D from Crunch, go for Fortified Cereals. Try to choose low- Calorie Cereal including Multi Grain Cheerios to get the daily amount of Vitamin D from your cereal.

    You can eat it along with the Fortified Milk or a glass of fortified Orange Juice.

    If you have 1 cup of Multi Grain Cheerios with ½ cup of Fortified Milk and 8 Ounce glass of fortified Orange Juice, the total will be close to the 200 IUS.

    Fortified Cereal

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  10. Mushrooms

    Mushrooms also have the capacity to produce Vitamin D in the presence of Sunlight, just like humans.

    Mushrooms are mostly grown in the dark places and are free of Vitamins. Some specific Mushrooms are grown in Ultraviolet light to enhance the production of Vitamin D.

    The mushrooms that are rich in Vitamin D are available at the stores like Dole’s Portobello Mushrooms. These Mushrooms are best for the Vegetarians looking for plant-based foods that are rich in Vitamins.

    Dole Portobello can give you 400 IUS of Vitamin D per 3 Ounce Serving.


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  11. Fatty Fish

    Fatty Fish is the good source of Vitamin D. some options of Fatty Fish may include Salmon, Trout, Mackerel, Tuna and Eel.

    3 0unces of Salmon Fish contains about 450 International Units of Vitamin D. a good portion consists of 600 IUS AND 800 IUS for people above 70 years, it is recommended by the Institute Of Medicines.

    Image by : Smaku ( Fatty Fish )

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  12. Ultraviolet Lamps and Bulbs

    Michael F. Holick, MD, Professor of medicine, Sociology and Biophysics at Boston University Medical Center says that People who have high risk of Vitamin D deficiency, they are recommended the bulbs and lights that emits UV-rays. Such people are unable to absorb Vitamin D or those who can’t get enough Vitamin D in winters.

    Ultraviolet Lamps and Bulbs

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    He further says that these lamps are same as tanning beds and these lamps are about 24 Inches by about 16 Inches.These lamps also carry the Skin- Cancer risk and they need protective Eyewear. These lamps should be used with doctor’s advice.

Vitamin D is essential for our body and if you are running short of it, use the above mentioned ways, they might help you to get some of it.

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