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Making a difference in public schools, this National Volunteer Week

by Ana

Bounty as a group has surely succeeded in meeting the aim that they had set out with on their most recent volunteering project, the “Make a Clean Difference”, as can be seen from their efforts in Los Angeles in the Kingsley Elementary school that they visited on the 4th of June, which was a part of the National Volunteer Week as well. The group was also able to include in their efforts, the celebrity couple- Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli as well, who were more than happy to volunteer along with the other local volunteers who had also joined the team.

This particular initiative was actually a result of the inspiring request made by President Obama recently to all Americans to help out and give back as much as they can to their society. Therefore, this “Make a clean Difference” initiative is one that is focused on improving and maintaining the learning conditions and the environment of public schools in the country. The initiative of course also encourages locals and other volunteers to help in the project as well, so that they could all help to make learning and creativity more fun and in a better environment. At the moment, the Bounty group has under its wing in its agenda a group of thirty public schools all across the country, which are all located in ten different cities. In Los Angeles itself, besides the Kingsley Elementary school, the other ones which were visited by them later were, Loreto Elementary and Aragon Elementary on 12th June.

The success of their initiative was seen in the improvements that were made around the school, classrooms were repainted and new flowers were planted and the outdoors of the school was made cleaner and neater for the students. Everybody was helping in all this work, which included Jennie Garth and husband Peter Facinelli as well, who provided great inspiration and encouragement to so many of the other volunteers. The environment was definitely improved, so that creativity and curiosity is something that can be more easily unlocked in better surroundings around such public schools.

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