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10 Deadliest Cancers

by Vinay M


Cancer or metastasis is the abnormal and uncontrolled multiplication of cells, which has been attributed to various triggers that results in genetic manipulation causing disturbance in the controlled and normal cell cycle, thereby leading to malignant outgrowth of tissues.

There is some kind of awareness about cancer, and there is some knowledge that cancer is not treatable if not diagnosed at early and initial stages.

However, many a times, cancer has been the silent killer. Some of the deadliest cancers that have been identified are discussed below based on the death rates.

Lung and Bronchial Cancers

This has claimed the most number of lives so far in the world, in the past five years, and has been attributed mainly due to the habits of smoking and tobacco. This usually strikes in the age of 55 and 65.

This cancer is of two types: non-small cell lung cancer that is less rapid in spreading and small cell lung cancer that is more rapid in spreading the disease.

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is the rapid outgrowth of tissues in the colon, while rectal cancers is the outgrowth of excessive tissues in the last few inches of the intestines near the anus, initially beginning clumps and later growing out as tissues of polyps, which may or may not be malignant.  When these two occurs together, this is known as colorectal cancers.

Breast Cancer

Being the second most common cancer in women, next to skin cancer, this is also one of the most commonly researched cancers that have proven improvements in treatment. This cancer has been recently found to occur in men also, and this cancer usually occurs in the ducts and the cells that produce the milk, and later spreading to the fatty tissues lying adjacent to the lymph nodes in the underarm, which is the major route for spreading to the other organ systems of the body.

Pancreatic Cancer

If you find that you are continuously finding one or the other problem in digestion and regulation of metabolism, could also be due to pancreatic cancer, as this is one of the main tissues that aids in maintaining the blood glucose levels.

Prostate Cancer

This is the second most common agent of cancer that causes death in men, following lung and bronchial. This is the gland that secretes the seminal fluid, which transports the sperm for dissemination from sperm producing cells. A regular biopsy following observation of lumpiness in the prostate regions can aid in detecting the cancerous tissues in the initial stages itself, and most the times, though the cancer confines themselves to the gland, this can actually turn aggressive and spread massively to other tissues.


Leukemia is the most widely studied and researched type of cancer, and has various modifications in the way they affect and in the type of cells they affect. Of all the types of leukemia, acute myelogenous leukemia has been the most detrimental type of cancer. Overall, leukemia is the cancer that affects the blood forming tissues resulting in increased number of white blood cell counts than the normal level.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

This cancer is caused by affecting the white blood cells, which affects the lymphocytes, and is characterized by larger lymph nodes, fever and weight loss. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is more deadly than Hodgkin lymphoma, which is also of two types as fast and slow growing cancer cells.

Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Duct Cancer

While this is one of the most common type of cancers around the world other than the United States. Yet another cancer similar to liver is the bile duct cancer that carries some of the digestion requisite fluids to the small intestines and is in close proximity t the liver.

Ovarian Cancer

This was once the most common cancer, and was ranking the fourth most deadly form of cancer affecting women, whilst the cancer has been observed to be of common occurrence in women who are of the age of 63. However, an interesting fact about this cancer is that this is easier to treat if detected in the early stages, however, is very hard to diagnose in the early stages unlike breast cancer. Some of the common symptoms will include abdominal discomfort, urgency to urinate and pelvic pain.

Esophageal Cancer

This cancer occurs in the esophagus, which has been observed mostly in the lower part of the esophagus, and is quite common in men than in women.

Cure for Cancer

There are a number of treatment methods available for the treatment of cancer, while some of the common treatment methods will include chemotherapeutic methods, radiation and alternative treatments. However, all these treatments can cure cancer only in the initial stages when the symptoms of this deadly disease are asymptomatic, and is not easily observed, unless you are lucky. Maybe this is the reason why this disease is usually called “the silent killer”.

The reason why with so many drugs and knowledge on the physiology and the mechanism of cancer causing cells are known, the reason for not being to able to cure cancer is that the number of agents causing cancer are more, which ranges from various radiation to chemicals to viruses, causing alteration to the genes resulting in uncontrolled cell cycle.

Yet another problem of these cancer-causing cells is that they fake as if responding to the treatments being imposed, and then resurface again making things more complex. In addition, the current cancer treatments and the agents for curing cancer are quite painful, expensive and have a number of side effects, and will therefore can cause social complex and emotional crisis in the patient, which may further worsen the conditions.

In future, while the treatment of cancer is getting focused on providing more target and cell-specific delivery of drugs and radiation, other sessions like preparation to face life, societal and emotional counselling sessions for the patients, their friends, family members and relatives are in progress for advancing the treatment of cancer.

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