Diabetes – Causes, Symptoms, Precautions and Treatments

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects an increasingly large number of people nowadays. There are numerous people officially registered at diabetes centers from all over the world. The effects of this disease are, however of the most diverse and they may vary from minor glycemia problems to other glycemia dysfunctions that can also lead to the death of the patient in the gravest cases. There are numerous treatments for this disease but this, however, has not reduced the overall number of people affected by diabetes. Researchers are still trying to prevent its causes but most of the times people get diabetes caused by stress and by a disordered rhythm of life. And this is very difficult to control by medical methods.


One of the most important causes that lead to diabetes is the disordered nutrition system. This unhealthy nutrition regime includes abuses of many kinds: abuse of sweets and foods that include a lot of sugar, abuse of bread which also includes ingredients that contribute to raising the glycemia level and also the abuse of fat-rich foods that also leads to high cholesterol problems. Actually high glycemia and high cholesterol usually go hand in hand, as people who suffer from one are most likely to suffer from the other as well. High glycemia is hence, the main cause of diabetes. People are advised to check their glycemia for medical analyses at least twice a year.

The other cause which does not depend on the glycemic level at all is stress. High stress leads to high glycemia on a nervous, psychical basis.

The two main causes have the same level of gravity and of intensity. They must, however, be taken into consideration by anyone, as nothing is more important than health. These numerous causes are very serious but at the same time, they are controllable as well. That means people have the power of controlling their daily diets and alimentation. For this, the need for an education system regarding a healthy life is vital to be done.


There are some important symptoms that alert high glycemia and further on, the presence of diabetes in an organism. Among these symptoms, the most common and obvious are the change of metabolism and the reduction of saliva in the person’s mouth. Among the symptoms, there is also the great appetite for sugar and for sweet aliments. The modification of metabolism reflects at the beginning an important loss of weight and later on, there comes instability in the weight of the patient. People suffering from diabetes cannot easily maintain their standard weight. In advanced forms of diabetes, people modify their weight considerably.

Regarding the reduction of saliva that most patients suffering from diabetes present, this symptom is one of the earliest ones to appear. This signals high glycemia from the very beginning of the installation of diabetes. People suffering from diabetes often feel their mouth dry especially during the night and have the need of drinking many liquids.
Also, the increased appetite for sugar and sweets is a notable symptom of diabetes, as it reflects the difficulty of saturating organism with sugar. Actually, this appetite is only a sensation that some people suffering in an advanced stage of diabetes solve by injecting insulin regularly into their bodies.


There are many precautionary measures that one can take in order to avoid diabetes. One important precaution is the special attention to one’s daily diet and nutritional system. By having a balanced alimentary regime people can easily avoid diabetes and many other diseases that can derive from bad alimentation.

People are also advised to have a lot of physical exercises, as studies have shown that the ones who practice sports are less threatened by the risk of getting diabetes. This disease is characteristic of sedentary people. The lack of physical activity can easily lead to diabetes.

By a healthy diet and by physical workout people can hence avoid getting diabetes. Also, people are advised to take their medical tests at least twice a year in order to become aware of the eventual problems that they may have up to that certain point.


There are numerous treatments found for diabetes so far. The pills taken for lowering the glycemia level are the most common treatment. They are used by people suffering from diabetes in an early stage of the disease. The pills can be usual ones that can be found in all the pharmacies, or naturist pills, the ones based on natural ingredients only. These pills are said to lower the level of glycemia from the patient’s blood. That is why they must be administrated and taken by respecting a strict schedule.

Another common treatment for diabetes is the insulin. This substance is usually injected into the organism and people who are prescribed insulin are usually suffering from an advanced form of diabetes. Insulin is prescribed when the glycemia level has reached a dangerous point. Another method of administrating insulin is the plaster method. There are special plasters in pharmacies that contain the necessary dose of insulin for a certain amount of time. Some people use plasters instead of the injection method since the plaster method has become very popular and so easy to use.

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There are numerous health centers for diabetes around the world. People are continually researching in the domain of this disease, as their danger of getting it is increasing with every day. The main reason for that is the bad alimentation completed by other important reasons.

Diabetes is hence, a grave but treatable disease. That is why there have been created numerous help centers for people suffering from diabetes. All these health centers come to the aid of the National Centre of Aid for Diabetes in each country which has the function of monitoring the cases of diabetes from a certain country. This National Centre also holds a statistic of the number of people suffering from diabetes at a certain moment.