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Vitamin D Supplements Could Be More Harmful

by Kamal Salar

Various diseases have long been associated with the low blood levels of ‘vitamin-D’. It is general assumption worldwide that the ‘vitamin-D’ is a good supplement and helps preventing many diseases. Scientists however, feel that this existing assumption that hundreds of genes are dependent on vitamin D now must be given a re-consideration in the light of new study.

Dr.Trevor Marshall, Professor at the ‘Murdoch University School of Biological Medicine and Biotechnology’, Australia has explained this requirement at length in his research published in the current issue of the journal “BioEssays“.Dr. Marshall explains that the evidences indicate thatincreased vitamin D intake affects much more than just nutrition or bone health”. He further says that the “Vitamin D Nuclear Receptor (VDR)” acts in the repression or transcription of hundreds of genes”. Such a condition includes the genes and they get associated with diseases and disorders of various types including cancers and multiple sclerosis.

The VDR, which is the key role player in the innate immune system of the body, is mainly being responsible for expression of most of the antimicrobial peptides. These peptides are basically the actual ultimate responders of the body to any infection. With the help of various tools provided by the molecular biology it is possible to have a re-look at the idea that a “low measured value of vitamin D means simply adding more of it to our diets”, says Dr. Marshall. Vitamin D supplements have been in application for many decades now and despite this use the epidemics of chronic diseases like heart diseases and obesity are coming under control.

The new research model of Dr. Marshall demonstrates the association of vitamin-D with some of the major and chronic diseases. Vitamin-d is actually a ‘seco-steroid hormone’. The amount of this hormone that is required by the body id generally regulated accordingly. An added supply of the additional supplements may be even harmful. These supplements are more likely to suppress the immune system up to the extent that the body will not gain sufficient strength to fight the diereses and infections effectively.

Marshall’s research findings are clear depiction of the actual blocking of VDR activation by ingested ‘Vitamin D’. This effect is almost exactly opposite to the sunshine. Dr. Marshall says that even a quite nominal dose of ingested ‘Vitamin D’ is sufficient to suppress the proper operation of immune system. The ‘seco-steroid hormone called as’ 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D’, a different metabolite, performs the activation of VDR and regulates the gene expression.

Prevalent notion that the ‘vitamin D’ affects a disease state in a simple way now needs reconsideration. It is an expression of more than 1,000 genes that are affected by this. It is not a simple phenomenon and such a supplementation could lead to problems than benefits.”The comprehensive studies are just not showing that supplementary vitamin D makes people healthier”, said Dr. Marshall.

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