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Vital Facts and Figures about Allergy – Ways and Means for Ensuring Symptomatic Relief

by Ana

Before ascertaining the requisite contents of your allergy relieving kit; it is important to delve into the concept of allergy. It is equally important to be familiar with the causes, symptoms and frequency of allergy.

By shaping out your knowledge and acquaintance; you will be able to know how to tackle the symptomatic conditions, so that you can work your way to relief.

The Concept of Allergy

  • Allergy may vary in types and kinds. But in spite, of differences; there is one unique point of commonality. That’s because allergies are nothing but acute sensitivity of your immunological system to the substances of the external world.
    by : La Ignorancia Mata

    by : La Ignorancia Mata

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  • Though the substance may not be essentially harmful; but your body’s immunity doesn’t take too kindly to it. As a result of this, the immune overreacts, and this overreaction manifests itself through a diverse variety of symptoms.
  • Some of the commonly relevant symptoms of allergy are irritation, sneezing, coughing, extreme disability, emergence of rashes and skin eruptions. Under extreme circumstances, allergy may also lead to breathing problems and death.
  • Allergy enhancing substances are generally referred to as allergens. It is important to remember that susceptibility to allergy is generally inherited.
  • Studies have revealed that with both parents being allergic a child would be more susceptible to developing allergies than those free from genetic traits.

How to Handle Situations of Allergy

  • You know that you are allergic, and as a person with allergic outbursts; you need to be extremely cautious and prepared, so that unwarranted situations may be warded off.
  • A diverse plethora of substances may be responsible for allergic outbreaks. Once you have identified the specific allergen/allergens responsible for the same; you can be extra cautious. But there are times, when some unknown variety of allergen may be responsible for the same.
  • Persons prone to allergies should preferably carry a kit of items, so that they can work their way to relief. If you are aware of your allergic tendencies; do be prepared with a list of necessities- the ones which can include your relief giving kit.
  • It is simply impossible to keep yourself locked. Instead, you would definitely being prepared with a set of armories- which can at least, ensure you of temporary relief.

Ten Essentials to Carry in your Relief giving Kit

  • Allergic reaction is often accompanied by rashes, ruptures and skin oriented irritabilities. In order to counter these; it is important that your kit includes a couple of things including creams and moisturizers. Creams with hydrocortisone base are often effective in doing away with allergic rashes, inflammations and flare-ups.
  • Much depends on your level and extent of your susceptibility. That’s because severity of a reaction does vary from person to person. Asthmatic conditions, difficulty in breathing and sudden fall in blood pressure are some of the most severe set of reaction. People prone to these should equip their kit with inject able epinephrine.
  • Similar to carrying creams and lotions for doing away with rashes and inflammations; it is necessary that you carry eye drops. With eyes becoming red, inflamed and itchy; it is important that you make use of drops for working your way to relief.
  • Decongestant can be one of the essential accompaniments of your relief providing kit. Irritability and swelling affecting your nasal tissues are some of the likely symptoms; these can be effectually countered with decongestants.
  • Sprays and nebulizers as part of your relief giving kit have important roles to deliver in the entire scheme of operation. Persons easily susceptible to problems of breathing should include these in their package of relief.
  • Do carry bronchodilators and inhalers, if you know about your susceptibility to asthmatic attacks.
  • Even if you are not susceptible to allergies; there is no harm in equipping yourself with antihistamines. Some of the usual symptoms of allergies such as excessive sneezing and running nose can easily be got rid of with the help of antihistamines.
  • Being informed about the ins and outs of different allergies and allergy activating agents is equally important. As part of your relief providing kit, you can include the relevant details of information about the causes, symptoms and treatment modes of allergies varying in types and kinds.
  • Use and application of an alert bracelet is equally important. The bracelet serves as an effective platform of knowledge and information. It can uphold requisite details about the specific type that you may be prone to, name of your medical facilitator and contact address of your family members.
  • The kit is supposed to accompany you in the course of your travel, and thus it is important that you arm yourself with a set of bedding, pillow cover and clothing which are essentially dust free and non-allergic in their nature.

To all intent and purpose, the kit can assure you of symptomatic relief. Caution is one of the essential lines of defense, and you ought to be judicious about your lifestyle management, so that unwanted spells of allergy attacks can be kept at bay.

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