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Deadliest Food Allergies

by Shilpa

Food Allergies

More than 54 percent of Americans have allergies and most of the allergies have uncomfortable symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose but for more than 40 million people an allergen can cause life threatening reaction. According to the study in Archives of International Medicine, 15% of U.S people are at risk of deadliest allergies.

Some life threatening allergies can be caused by:

a. Food allergy
b. Insect sting
c. Drugs
d. Latex
e. Exercise etc.

a. Food allergy

From peanuts to antibiotics, many substances can cause food allergy that can be life threatening. Peanuts and wheat are present in many of foods and these two ingredients can cause severe food allergy. The people who are allergic to peanuts, wheat or other any other ingredients they should read the food labels before going for any food item. Food and drug Administration says that the top eight food allergens should be mentioned on the food labels. These food allergens include peanuts, eggs, milk, selfish, wheat, soy, fish and tree nuts.

If you eat anything outside home like in the neighbors or cafeteria etc let the server know that you cannot eat these ingredients.

1. Peanuts
Peanut allergy is one of the most deadly food allergies. Peanut cookies are the main source of peanuts. A research says that peanut allergies give a serious reaction. Severe peanut allergy can cause inflammation in the whole body and it the body goes to shock and then the patient needs an Epinephrine injection. It is an injection that is used to reduce to the harmful effects of peanut allergy.

2. Shellfish
Shellfish can also cause deadly allergy. The attack of the Shellfish allergy can be in the form of asthma attack which can be very serious. It also causes Angioedema. It is the effect that can cause swelling on the face and the tongue. If any such symptoms appear consult an emergency health care to check whether you are suffering from allergy caused by shellfish or not.

3. Fish
An allergy caused by fish is different from shell fish allergy and if someone has one it is not necessary that he/she will have another. Parents should also know that allergy due to fish is not only caused by eating fish but it can also be caused by eating other food items cooked in the pan or oil used to prepare fish. Reaction caused due to fish allergy includes hives, asthma or even Anaphylaxis- a life threatening allergy.

4. Milk
Mostly children who are younger than three year are allergic to milk. The allergic children can take milk in other forms of dairy products like yogurt, cheese, ice cream, butter etc. The allergy can appear in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps or sometimes it can also result in Anaphylaxis.

5. Soy
One of the most common allergies is caused by soy. It is mostly found in children. Soy is found in soy bean oil and many other fast foods. Patients who are allergic to soy should see the labels before buying food items. Soy can cause reactions like hives, abdominal pain and it can also cause Anaphylaxis.

6. Wheat
Wheat is a staple diet but it can be harmful for some people. Mostly who has wheat allergy they also have the other allergies. The reaction can cause hives. It can also cause Anaphylaxis.

7. Eggs
Egg allergies are mostly seen in kids. Eggs are also used in many food items and the reaction can be caused within minutes or in hours after eating eggs. Reaction can cause asthma; diarrhea or it can also lead to Anaphylaxis.

b. Insect Sting

Allergy can also be caused by insect sting. The part of the body where the sting effects, that part becomes red, warm and swollen. Insect sting can also lead to Anaphylaxis.

1. Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets are the stinging creatures that often sting at your foot. Always try to wear shoes or avoid using fragrances at the feet as it attracts the insects.

2. Fire Ants
Fire ants are found mostly at hot places but now they are seen more often as the weather has become hot. Their sting can lead to Anaphylaxis in most of the cases.

3. Wasps and Hornets
Stings of wasps and hornets start with the itching, hives and it progresses to swelling of throat, tongue, difficult breathing and it can also cause Anaphylaxis to the sensitive people.

c. Drugs

Drugs can also develop many allergies. Some are as follows:

1. Ceclor
Almost all drugs can cause allergy. Ceclor is an antibiotic that is used for sinus infections, pneumonia and ear infections etc. Many allergic reactions seem to look like reaction to ceclor but it is such that ceclor turn on all the responses that develop in the allergic reactions.

People allergic to ceclor develop hives; it ranges from moderate to dangerous. The allergy can also take form of the Erythema multiforme. It is a severe kind of hives. Erythema multiforme affects the linings of vagina, mouth, eyes etc.

2. Penicillin
Penicillin is an antibiotic that is used to fight against bacterial infections. It is a most common drug allergy. About 400 people die every year due to penicillin allergy. The symptoms of this allergy can be rashes or it can even lead to Anaphylaxis.

d. Latex

This is a new kind of allergy but it is getting popular with the passage of time.

Latex can be found in rubber gloves, condoms, and tires etc. 40, 000 people are likely to be affected by Latex. 6% of people have a latex allergy while 17% of people have latex in the medical sector. Latex starts from skin allergy and it can lead to Anaphylaxis.

e. Exercise

You must have heard people saying that “I am allergic to exercise” this is true that some people are allergic to exercise that can lead to exercise- induced Anaphylaxis.

Food allergies are becoming popular day by day. Sometimes these food allergies can be very dangerous as it can result in life taking. So when anybody is caught by any allergy, just get it checked by a doctor whether it is caused by any food and if yes then one should avoid that food item in future.

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