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Tips to Prevent Cancer

by Ana

Prevent Cancer

Among all the dangerous disease of this world cancer is thought to be the one which is at the top, it spoils a person’s slowly but drastically, some people also claims it to be the most frightening word of English language.

Prevent CancerThis is true but very unfortunate that lots of people gets the diagnosis in some part of their life and then the rest of life gets spoil with the pain and after affects of this disease.

According to some estimate almost 10 million cases of cancer gets diagnosed every year and unfortunately this amount is not coming down. Once the cancer gets diagnosed then the only solution comes in the form of chemotherapy but some of your routine life activities can help you in staying away from cancer.

It has been told by medical experts that every person carries some amount of cancer cells in the body but the cancer gets diagnosed when these cells multiply in million of numbers.

Here I have discussed some of the tips that will help you in protecting yourself from cancer and thus ensuring the happiness of your life.

  • One of the basic cancers preventing food is the plant based food, try to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can because they have been found to be very affective for the prevention of cancer. The National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation have also emphasized on the usage of fruits and vegetables for cancer prevention The green vegetables have found to be good for various diseases and cancer is a major among those diseases so try to use vegetables and fresh fruits if you don’t want cancer to come in your life.


  • In order to keep yourself away from cancer you have to maintain a healthy body and your extra weight could be a cause of cancer so work on it. Being too heavy may get yourself into developing breast cancer and colon, kidney and stomach cancer and regular workout will help you in staying away from these dangerous cancers.
  • The use of garlic in the food is also very affective for protecting yourself from cancer because it contains sulfur compounds that make the immune system stronger for fighting against different diseases. So add garlic in your daily food and stay protected from different dangerous forms of cancer.
  • It has been found that too much consumption of meat can also lead to some forms of cancer, many researches have been take place on this issue and it was found that vegetarians are fifty percent less likely to develop cancer. The high fats diets are always linked to cancers developments in body.
  • A very affective procedure to keep yourself away from the cervical cancer is that wash your vagina thoroughly and keep it away from bacteria. A little irritation on that area may also increase to the cancer cells composition so you should not let that happen.

These were some of the tips that can keep your away from various types of cancers. Once you’ll make your life secure from such diseases then get ready to enjoy the fun of this world.

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