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Tips on how to keep your Hair and Skin Healthy

by Ana

Everybody wants hair and skin that shines! Healthy skin and hair are the hallmarks of youth, beauty and vitality. As we get older, sometimes our hair and skin tend to lose their luster, this indeed which makes us worried and we run for various beauty and hair treatments.This can be due to a variety of factors: environment, pollutants, and the things we put in our bodies. The fact is that what we consume and the way we live our lives has a direct impact on the health of our skin and hair. So if you don’t like what you see, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. Luckily, there are some easy switches you can make to improve your overall health, along with the health of your hair and skin, because it really does all go together! You can’t have healthy skin and hair without having a healthy body first. So follow these tips and you’ll soon be seeing your hair and skin shine like never before.

Wash in cold, not hot

Many people love to take hot showers and baths, and it’s no surprise; they feel so good. There’s nothing like jumping in a steaming hot shower to start out your day. But did you know that hot water is actually not very healthy for hair and skin? Long exposure to hot water can actually strip moisture out. And it opens up the pores, so all that shampoo and conditioner you’re putting in your hair isn’t going to do any good. If you use moisturizing conditioner, you want it to stay in your hair follicle but if you rinse it out with hot water, you’re rinsing out all the conditioner that’s trying to hydrate your hair.


Protect against the elements

Weather can wreak havoc on your skin and hair if you’re not careful, especially in the winter months. So when you go out into icy or very dry weather, cover yourself up. A hat, scarf and gloves can protect your skin against painful windburn in the winter. Also, the hot sunshine can be terrible for your skin so make sure to put on your sunscreen if you expect you’ll be exposed in the sun for long periods of time.

Eat right

Your diet choices have a major impact on your skin and hair health. You need to eat a wide variety of colorful and organic fruits and vegetables to get lots of vitamins for a healthy body. Eating whole grains is great for your skin as well, so get those through quinoa and brown rice. Be sure to eat plenty of monounsaturated fats in foods like nuts, olive oil, avocados, eggs and fatty fish like tuna and salmon. Your hair and skin are made from the amino acids in these fats so these types of foods are very nourishing for your skin.


Use organic products

When you use products on your skin and hair, make sure that they are organic and natural. Many products that use chemicals may appear to be doing good or claim to do so, but the chemicals are truly harmful to your body. Organic products like Argan Oil are designed to nourish your skin while using all natural ingredients that won’t have any bad effects. It’s also better for the earth to use natural products. This oil is non-greasy and will help your skin renew itself and find that youthful glow you desire.

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