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Cash Offers Prompt Smokers to Quit Cigarettes

Results of a new study show that cash offers to smokers to quit their bad and unhealthy habit proves quite helpful for many people to quit-smokersgive up smoking.

In this study, a group of General Electric Co. workers around the country was included and they were offered even more than $750 to quit smoking. After one year the researchers found that among those employees who were offered cash to give up smoking nearly 14.7% in this group were found smoke-free, while those who were not paid for it had the unhealthy habit still. The study has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 12 issue.

Dr. Kevin Volpp, the lead author of the study, says about it, “Incentives and other cash offers prove quite helpful to change people behaviors towards health, and such offers may prove even effective in those who couldn’t succeed using some other sort of approaches in the past.”

Though they were only 15% who stopped smoking for a longer term because of money offers, the success rates are quite higher than usually have been noticed in some other smoking cessation efforts.

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Smoking Bans Caused Considerable Decrease in Heart Attacks

Three years back, smoking was banned in one city of Colorado and now after three years a considerable decrease in heartsmoking-bans attacks hospitalizations has been found there, which indicates how injurious smoking is to health. This Govt. study was the longest running of its kind and it showed that there was 41% decrease in heart attack hospitalization cases within three years after workplace smoking ban in Pueblo, Colo city. The researchers didn’t notice any such drop in two adjacent areas which indicates that it was mainly due to smoking ban.

“The study indicates that one terrible and less-recognized cause of heart problems related deaths is secondhand smoke,” says Terry Pechacek, the lead author of the study.

The results of almost eight previous studies have shown that smoking bans helped to decrease the rates of heart problem related deaths. However, none of these studies was run for three years.

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Importance of prenatal health care

Are you pregnant? congratulations! You are heading toward an exciting journey. As you would start your journey towards parenthood, you’ll find out how much there is to learn and how valuable is, to memorize the information, you have gathered.

You’re going to have a baby. Either you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you will want to give your baby a healthy start.

For this purpose, you need to have paid regular visit to your doctor. These prenatal care visits are utter most required for the better health of yourself and for the neonate growing in your womb. Some things are important to stop when the pregnancy signs start to appear, such as smoking or drinking. Even some prescribed medicines can also create complications during pregnancy. You will have to drink plenty of fluids and healthy diet, in early pregnancy stages to cope with the morning sickness, or nausea. You may also feel more tired and dire need of rest.

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Some effective natural cures for stress

In today’s hectic lifestyle, almost everyone has to be the victim of stress once in a while and the sad fact is that there isn’t any surest way to avoid stress, but still some treatments and natural cures can help you a lot to manage and cure stress effectively.

Stress nags different people in different ways. It makes them feel overloaded or sleepless.  When people don’t have proper sleep, their immune system gets weak and they become easy victims of many other diseases. That’s why one needs to control stressful conditions in a proper way. Your mind and body can deal with depression and stress only if they are strong enough and the thing that makes your mind and body strong is proper diet with all essential nutrients and vitamins. So, proper and balance diet is a first step to deal with stress in a right way.

Many people believe that smoking and drinking can help them to get rid of stress, but in fact, they prove quite harmful in stress as they take away some important nutrients from your body.

If you feel some signs of stress, you can use lemon balm as a natural cure to deal with stress. It has a soothing effect on nervous system and reduces stress levels instantly.

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Lack of Potassium relates to high blood pressure, study suggests

potassiumEating too much sodium is a big risk factor for high blood pressure, but now a new study says that consuming too little potassium is an equally big risk factor, especially for blacks.

A gene, which may influence potassium’s effects on blood pressure, has also been identified in the study.

These findings back previous studies that have drawn similar results about blood pressure and potassium. The study has been on a Texas heart study done on the urine samples of 3,300 people.

This new study has been presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s annual meeting, in Philadelphia.

Dr. Susan Hedayati, who led the study, says: “lower levels of potassium in the urine, means lower potassium in the diet and higher blood pressure and the effect was even stronger than the effect of sodium on blood pressure.”

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