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Home Remedies for Anti Aging

by Souti

Our busy stressful lives push us towards early aging. We develop several age related skin problems in a very early age. These will make our appearance dull & less confident. But there are several processes within your limit just try them & experience the differences.

•    Grate a fresh coconut & squeeze the milk from the grated coconut. Now apply the milk all over your face. It’s an excellent remedy for anti aging.
•    You can also rub raw potato on the affected areas & leave it for almost 20-30 minutes & then wash the face. It will give you some fruitful results.
•    Create a mixture of lime juice, rose water & glycerine (same quantity water & glycerine & few drops of lemon juice); apply the mixture before going to bed.
•    To get the fresh look you can also apply avocado (slice or pulp).
•    Direct application of lemon juice can also remove the spot, (but remember it’s an acid & excessive application can burn your skin).
•    Mixture of sugar cane juice & turmeric paste/powder is also useful for removing age spots.
•    Chop the pineapple core & apply on your face. Let it dry for almost 10-15 minutes & then take it off. It is one of the most effective remedies for age spots.
•    You can create your own anti aging lotion. Combine the primrose oil or the oil you are comfortable to use with few drops oil of sandalwood, geranium, rose jasmine, rose wood, frankincense & neroil.
•    Apply chilled milk after washing your face; it can give you some effective results.
•    Massage raises the blood circulation, results in a glowing face. So face massage is also an outstanding remedy for anti aging, but remember to go for a professional massager.
•    Vitamin E is also recommended for anti aging treatment. You can apply cod liver oil or oil containing vitamin E on the affected areas.
•    Your diet need to be enough nutritious. Include lots of fruits & vegetables in your daily diet. Also sound sleep is necessary for healthy skin.

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