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Causes of Neck Pain among Children

by Souti

Neck Pain

Neck pain is not new in the human body, but excessive stressful lifestyle can cause the worst pain. Sometimes it is related with other body disorders or leads to other ailments. In current days children are also a victim of neck pain. It can appear because of many reasons, like:

Usual causes of neck pain among children:

•    Stress or tension (which is quite common among kids also) can also trigger the headache or neck pain.

•    Carrying heavy books stresses their neck and can also pull the neck muscles. Weight of these books is enhances the weight of the bag over their capacity, which can cause the neck pain.

•    Sometimes improper posture can instigate the neck pain. It can be instigated because of uneasy sitting position or sitting in the same position for quite a long period of time. Kids are crazy about video games; they just fall off over it (that puts pressure over their neck), which can also create the neck pain.

•    Children love to play; they can also get hurt while paying, which instigates muscle pull, neck pain etc. So in such a condition don’t waste any more time in visiting your doctor.

Some medical reasons:

•    Among children throat infection is one of the usual reasons of neck pain as well as larynx inflammation (pharyngitis) can also instigate the neck pain.

•    Children are also victims of rheumatoid arthritis. This can instigate the inflammation, in your neck as well as in your joints.

•    Inflammation in your lymph nodes (for viral sickness) can also create the problematic neck pain. Sometimes even cervical strain instigate the neck pain

•    Spinal cord ailment myelopathy is also considered as one of the reasons of neck pain. Child can also experience the neck pain because of the tear as well as wearing of vertebrae.

•    Because of meningitis (infection of the surrounding brain membranes), children can also experience the neck pain.

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