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Environmental Factors that Can Cause Breast Cancer

by Souti

Studies revealed that risk of breast cancer can be enhanced because of various environmental causes, like- chemicals, smoke etc. A few factors are follows:

•    Research revealed (New England Journal of Medicine) that using hormone replacement therapy can increase chance of breast cancer. It also enhances the chances of stroke as well as heart ailments, urinary disorders etc. So when you need some hormone replacement therapy (because of menopause) discuss with your doctor about some alternative process.

•    Research revealed that excessive confluence of second hand smoking can also be a reason for breast cancer.

•    Products like lotion, shampoo etc. which contain antiperspirant can be a reason of breast cancer. Though studies didn’t reveal any direct link but in various breast cancer tumours Parrabens have been found.

•    Research (by University of Liverpool) showed that exposure to even the minimum amount of pesticide (DDT) can enhance the chances of cancer. Study revealed that hormone-dependent malignancies can occur because of synthetic pesticide.

•    Chlorinated solvent tetrachloroethylene normally used in textile industries as well as for dry cleaning. It is also quite common in printing links, glues, rubber coating, lubricants, polishes, solvent soaps etc. Study revealed that tetrachloroethylene can also develop the deadly disease.

•    Used for increasing milk production in dairy cows, rBGH (also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin, or rBST) is a synthetic hormone that has been shown to increase circulating levels of a natural hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in humans. Research revealed that adult people, who consume milk having 10 % greater levels of IGF (insulin like growth factor) in comparison with those who consume very minimum milk or don’t drink milk at all, can develop the breast cancer.

•    BPA is quite vastly used in plastic products or plastic bottles or food packaging etc. though there is no direct connection with breast cancer but it can change the breast tissue, which could lead to breast cancer. So instead of plastic try to use porcelain, stainless steel, glass made materials.

•    Study also shows that mothers exposed to DES (synthetic estrogen, reduce the chances of miscarriage) has greater chance of developing breast cancer.

•    When wood, oil, coal, gasoline, tobacco or other various organic materials burn then PAH is formed. It’s a group of 200 (more than) various chemicals. Research revealed that exposure to PAHs can also cause the breast cancer. When you grill the meat or fish it can be found there. Experts recommended reducing the ingestion of charbroiling foods, smoked meat or fish etc.

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