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5 Tips to Remedy Morning Muzzy Feeling (Foggy Mind, Groggy)

by Ana

Several researchers and scientists have noticed that people between the age bracket of 15 to 45 seem to be facing early morning lightheadedness or a kind of confusion,  this can happen due to several reasons; like lack of sleep, exhaustion or a new diet-plan that you might be following. The better term to describe this sensation would be a muzzy, groggy or a foggy mind. These symptoms are relatable with most teenagers today as when they wake up, their mind has no clarity and they seem to struggle while trying to focus.

There are times when a person is not even tired and yet faces these symptoms. The reason for it could be some kind of disturbance that could be happening during their sleep. Basically when a person is in this state their mind is not yet ready to wake up and further rest is recommended. In some probable cases it could be a disease but more often than not, it’s just a mere reflection of our poor habits regarding our lifestyle.


Following are remedies to get rid of this muzzy feeling

  1. Sleep

    Most of us believe that we know how to get a good night’s sleep-especially adults however you should keep in mind that it’s imperative to get 8 hours of sleep to recharge yourself. The demands and pressures of everyday conflict lead to adults being thoroughly exhausted.

  2. Your Diet

    It is truly sad, as we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet we skip it. We forget that it is the fuel that we need to get through our day. Other than that every person is supposed to have enough glasses of water to avoid dehydration. But do keep in mind that water alone is never enough, electrolytes-which are so important, are often lost through sweat or urine can be attained from ORS ( oral rehydrating solution ).

  3. Sleeping pills

    Stats have showed that several pills may be the cause of morning sickness. Amongst those pills, we have sleeping tablets. The irony here is that the person may use the sleeping pill in the hope for a nice, peaceful sleep. However, the tablet itself may be the problem. So, try and avoid as many pills as you can.

  4. Avoid Nighttime Disturbances

    There are several reasons that your sleep may be interfered with at night. It is extremely important that you take certain steps to minimize that. Make sure you’re sleeping in a comfortable area. Your night suit should be cool, soft and comforting. The surface of your bed should be smooth and clean. Make sure that your phone is off, so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night.

  5. Your Pillow

    Have you ever heard of an anti-snore pillow? Research has shown that snoring can affect your sleep quite seriously. Even if you don’t have a snoring problem, there’s an anti-snore pillow that helps in keeping your airways open, hence leading to a better sleep.

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