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Stem Cell Injections as an Effective Knee Injury Therapy

by Ana

Stem cells may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but they are real cells that can be found in your own body right now. These are unlike any other cells that are floating around in your body because these cells can renew themselves and differentiate or change into other cells. They are inside all of us in various tissues and work to help head damaged tissue. This is the basis of Stem Cell Injections for Knee Injury Therapy. When you get hurt, such as sustaining a knee injury, it is stem cells that help the hurt area heal. Skin is re-grown, and cartilage and bone are repaired as well as other tissue damage.

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NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida have specialized knee injury therapy and treatments that are designed to help speed the healing process and make the work of stem cells all the more powerful. We can harvest stem cells from fatty tissue of the body and extract stem cells to form a concentrated serum that can be injected into damaged tissue in order to speed healing and rejuvenation. Stem cell injections area changing the way we look at many medical issues and conditions such as knee injuries and degenerative diseases of the joints.

What Sets Knee Injury Therapy With Stem Cell Injections Apart From Surgery

More and more people are looking to stem cell therapy as the go-to choice for joint injuries such as those of the Hip, for Osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases. Prior to treating these and many other conditions through stem cell injections, the injury or chronic condition would have traditionally required extensive and risky surgery to correct.

Surgical options for people who suffer painful knee conditions can range from arthroscopic knee surgery to a knee joint being fully replaced. But knee replacement is a highly traumatic procedure for the joint, with the surgery carrying the risk of toxic wear particles getting into the blood stream. In addition to the risks of surgery, all surgeries require a no less than months of painful rehabilitation in order for the knee to rebuild strength and mobility. In addition, surgery can accelerate a cascade of degeneration leading to Osteoarthritis. All very good reasons why more and more people are choosing stem cell injections over surgery.

Surgery is sometimes needed when damage from an extensive injury has occurred. But the majority of surgeries should be done only as a last resort. Many cases can benefit from the use of stem cell injections alone. Even in cases where surgery is absolutely necessary, stem cell therapy can be done safely and effectively to improve post-surgery rehabilitation and speed healing. Very often, stem cell treatments done during knee injury therapy can help many patients avoid the need for surgery altogether.

Most NSI patients who undergo stem cell knee injury therapy experience little or no downtime at all after getting stem cell injections. Usually, the overall healing effects from their procedure are seen within the first 24 hours as they continue on with their normal, everyday routines.

The biggest reason stem cell injections are so great for treating joint injury, particularly of the knee, is how well they work and how well they lend themselves to these sorts of applications. By using the patient’s own cells for knee injury therapy, there is little to no risk of the body rejecting the stem cell injections as there would be with a donor situation. Also, the stem cells are easily harvested from the patient’s own fat stores just a few hours before they are reintroduced into the trouble area. Additionally, stem cell injections are safe and offer longer lasting results than what is often seen with advanced surgeries and other treatments.

Lastly, patients are far less likely to experience risks associated with many surgeries, such as infection and blood clots. This makes knee injury therapy done with stem cell injections the growing preference of many professional athletes and people who enjoy active lifestyles. Here at NSI Stem Cell Centers, we are leaders in knee and joint injury and pain reduction!

How Are the Stem Cells Obtained for Knee Injury Therapy?

The human body is always making more stem cells, so there is a constant supply available throughout the body. They circulate throughout the body, ready to help repair injured and degenerated tissues. Stem cells originate in our bone marrow: the spongy material found in the middle of bones. But a particularly abundant source of stem cells is the fatty tissue we all have just below the skin. These are called adipose-derived stem cells, and they are not only found in abundance in the fat around our thighs, abdomen, belly, buttocks and hips, they are also particularly potent.

Here at NSI, we exclusively use these adipose- derived stem cells for all our FDA guidelines-compliant stem cell injections, including for knee injury therapy. Our fatty (or adipose) tissue holds a large number of stem cells that can be easily extracted with just a local anesthesia during an outpatient procedure, and condensed into concentrated doses.

Muscle pulls, tendon strains, ligament tears, and bone wearing can all be helped and often times reversed with the use of advanced stem cell treatments. Stem cell injections are doing what medical treatment up to this point has been unable to do: speed up the healing process, improve post-treatment results, reverse damage already sustained, and strengthen existing cells against further damage. Knee injury therapy is just one of the many areas we focus on here at our Florida NSI Stem Cell Centers.

What Happens During Knee Injury Treatment?

NSI Stem Cell offers an array of stem cell treatment plans, all of which are designed to target specific issues involving the knee joint and the surrounding area of the leg. Whether it is pain, stiffness, numbness, nerve pinching, trauma, bone-on-bone damage, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendon pulls, muscle aches or other issues, stem cell injections can help you find relief!

Our stem cell injections will help heal damaged tissues, restore nerve communication, improve blood and oxygen flow, speed healing, restore mobility, improve flexibility, and help strengthen the damaged knee. Here at NSI Stem Cell Centers, treating knee pain with stem cell injections is just one of the serves we offer. We used the patient’s own stem cells to repair and strengthen, to return form, function and stability of their knees. Our goal is to help you continue living a happy, active, healthy life that allows you to do the things you love without worrying about pain or possible future injury.

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