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Soda Diet Addiction

by Ana

To sustain a healthy weight and a healthy body, you need to support your body’s natural balance.

There are no nutritionally beneficial components in diet soda drinks but many people drink more soda than water. Elisa Zied, a high profile registered dietician, last year confessed to a diet coke addiction on Twitter. She said she hoped that “putting it out there would make me accountable”.

What is a diet soda or a diet pop?

Diet soda also known as diet pop or light soft drinks, are sugar-free and non-alcoholic beverages. In diet soda usually Aspartame is used as sweetener.

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Is it addictive?

Soda diet can be addictive. Millions of people around the world are addicted to these drinks. If you have a habit of reaching for a diet drink, you could be driven by the caffeine. Caffeine is responsible for soda pop addiction. An 8-ounce diet soda gives you 47 mg of caffeine,compared to 133 in a cup of ordinary coffee.

Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners which are emotionally addictive because people with weight issues want to avoid sugar and prefer these artificially sweetened drinks.

Is soda diet good for health?

If you are consuming soda diet regularly it can destroy your health. Soda diet contains High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), which is a loosely bound, unstable sugar. This sugar form compounds which damage tissues and cells and cause diabetes.

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HFCS also Cause Pancreatic Cancer.

The second harmful ingredient in soda pop is Phosphoric Acid. If the ratio of Phosphorus is one to one with calcium your body is safe. When the level of phosphorus becomes high than calcium, the calcium is now not absorbed effectively and the bones start to loss calcium which leads to Osteoporosis and Rickets in children.

Artificial sweeteners Saccharin is harmful for bladder and female reproductive organs. Another sweetener Aspartame is also used in soda pop which is believed to contribute to develop brain tumors.

Sodium benzoate is used as preservative in soda diet. It is generally not harmful for the body but when it combines with or ascorbic acid, it form Benzene which increases the cause of leukemia and cancer.

All these ingredients have no nutritional value. If you are addicted to soda diet, stop drinking it. They may be good for a short term but consuming for a long term should be avoided.Instead of diet pop drink fresh juices of fruits and vegetables.

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