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Risks of Having a Premature Birth

by Ana

Pondering about the risks of having a premature birth and ways that can be adopted to avert them aren’t always on the top of expecting mother’s to – do list.

When you come to know that you are expecting a baby, besides the exciting plans, planning for a healthy pregnancy should also be given equal importance.

Premature birth is a serious problem and is rapidly increasing. Since premature birth is a dangerous threat, scientist and doctors all across the globe are working hard to ascertain the risk factors and the ways to prevent them. So, if you’re expecting a baby, assure that you talk to your doctor about the risks you may be exposed to.

Some of the common risks of having a premature birth are as follows –

  • Previous premature birth – Having a premature birth increases the chances of having a second premature birth. The risk increases further if both the pregnancies are closer and other risk factors are also present.
  • Multiple pregnancies – Mother’s carrying multiple babies such as twins or triplets are exposed to a higher risk of premature birth.
  • Age – women who conceive after the age of thirty or before the age of eighteen have higher risks of premature birth than the other woman.
  • Diabetes – Women who have suffered or are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes are likely to have a premature birth as it is really tough to maintain efficient blood sugar during the pregnancy period.
  • Cervical or uterine problems – Placental abruption, incompetent cervix and uterine infections can all lead to premature birth.
  • Chronic high blood pressure – Having high blood pressure before one conceives increases the risk of premature birth.
  • Cigarette smoking – one of the greatest risks of premature birth is smoking cigarettes. Besides premature birth, cigarette smoking is known to have serious effects on the health of the baby.
  • Poor nutrition – Mothers who have poor nutritional status are exposed to higher risks of premature birth. Those who have a low body mass index also have a greater risk of premature birth.

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