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Reasons And Remedies For Dry Skin

by Vinay M
Remedies For Dry Skin

In the current scenario we live a very busy life. After a daylong shift in the office we just can’t wait to come home & relax. However in our own homes there are various reasons present which can instigate skin irritation. Some of these household reasons are, air fresheners, various cleaning products, laundry detergent and floor polish. Sometimes dry skin can lead to a serious situation like dermatitis or even eczema.

Skin has the ability to control the moisture and naturally reconstruct itself, nevertheless, exposure to cold air, dirt, sun, wind and many more chemicals can injure this layer. As a result our skin fails to hold the moisture any more.

Some of the factors, which contribute in this problem are:


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People who are compelled to wash their hands frequently because of work or for any other reason, experiences reduction of moisture. Water has the tendency to swipe our skin’s usual moisturizing oil.

Dry Air:

Air which appears during winter months is cold and because of dry weather it can take the moisture away from our skin.



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Soaps which are old fashioned have the tendency to make our skin dry. However many of newer varieties of soaps can also do the same to our skin and leave our dry skin more proneto various other problems.



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People who are exposed to chemicals on a regular basis have severely chapped or dry skin. These chemicals break into our skins natural moisturizer and can injure our outer layer.

Along with these above reasons, some medical conditions, medications also leave an impact on our skin too.

Following tips could be useful for getting rid of your dry irritating skin:

Using Petroleum Jelly:

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People, who have sensitive skin, can easily get the irritation because of various household cleaners. Among the various dry skin treatments, petroleum jelly is one which comes across as a trusted option and which is pocket friendly too. As per the American Academy of Dermatology recommendations, it can provide some soothing relief all over your body, like on your feet, hands and lips too.

Using Gloves:

Using Gloves

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There is a strong belief that if you want to hide your age, then you need to take care of your hands. It means you need to stay away from various skin irritating products like dish detergent, cleaners etc.

However to do our household chores staying away from these products are tough, but we can cover our hands by using non latex rubber gloves when it’s time to do some household cleaning. You can also wear a layer of soft thin cotton gloves first and then put on your rubber gloves.

Flax Seed As Well As Fish Oil:

Health Benefits of Flax seed

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Flax seed and fish oil have EFAs, fatty acids etc. which can help us in getting our skin hydrated. It can also protect our skin from various environmental damaging effects too. However you need to consult with your health care provider about adding these stuff to diet or regular medicine intake. Make sure you have ground flax seed as it gives you the most health benefits.

Hand Sanitizer That Hydrates Your Skin:

Hand Sanitizer That Hydrates Your Skin

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Hand sanitizer is an easy way get germ free hands. However this easy way can make your hands dry and cracked. Presence of alcohol in high levels is really bad for our skin. So you need to find a hydrated version, which is not going to leave a bad impact even after using it for a prolonged period of time. You need to look for something which is recommended by dermatologist.

Taking Shower After A Swim & Putting on Moisturizer:

Taking Shower

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Chlorine water in swimming pools is one of the major reason for dry skin. As soon as you or your kid comes out from the pool you need to wash off the chlorine water with a very mild soap along with regular water. Then apply a moisturizer, which has glycerin as one of its main ingredients. Glycerin is known to provide help to your skin for retaining the moisture more effectively as well as it can also avert any more dryness.

Get a Mite Free Zone:

According to study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology ,microscopic dust can enhance skin irritation as well as inflammation too. To get rid of these affects you need to clean your bedding every week (in 130 degree F temperature), clean or vacuum carpet or floor.

Applying Oats:

Oat is a very old treatment for dry skin. Studies have revealed that the presence of a chemical called avenanthramides in it, makes it able to fight against redness as well as inflammation too.

Get some old fashioned or quick oats and use the food processor or blender to grind it. Now gradually sprinkle this ground oat into your tub water (make sure that the tap in your tub is on, so that it will mix well). For almost 15-20 minutes soak in that water.

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