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How to Clean a Body Piercing

by Souti
Body Piercing

Body piercing is not only popular among celebrities, regular people are also known to love piercing different areas of their bodies. It can boost up your features & is able to make you an exceptionally stylist person. Some of the commonly popular areas are ear, eyebrows, nipple, tongue, lips, genital, nostril etc. However getting a body piercing might not be a difficult thing, nevertheless you need to take of it cautiously otherwise it could get infected.  Make sure you are not only cleaning the pierced areas, you need to clean that jewelry too, to avert any kind of unwanted issues.

Some of the common steps you need to follow are:

  • After getting the piercing in your favorite areas, don’t touch that affected area for minimum a day (24 hours).
  • For the next few weeks, try to soak that pierced area at least two times daily.
  • Take a q-tip and soak it in saline solution, use it to clean off the loose skin.
  • Try to stay away from taking baths, however you can take showers.
  • Make sure you are checking the area well to avoid any kind of infection.

The Cleaning process is as follows:

Make sure you have cleaned your hands well by using a proper hand soap, before touching the area.

Make your saline water by adding ¼ tsp of sea salt in a cup of warm water. Mix it well till the salt diffuses in the water. However your sea salt need to be iodine free completely.

If the mouth of the cup covers the entire piercing are then fill up half portion of the cup with the saline solution and place the cup over your piercing area so that it forms a kind of suction. If feasible allow it to stay on for a few minutes

When the piercing is somewhere else where you are not able to use the cup process described above, then get some cotton balls & soak them in saline water. Now softly apply it over the area where you have got the piercing.

Areas you need to moisten are:

  • Entrance window
  • Exit window
  • Inner verge of that particular jewelry
  • Exterior end of that jewelry.

You need to allow the solution to stay for a few minutes. It will help to remove the tough coating created there very easily.

Use a nice clean gauze pad & pat the area softly. Any kind of rubbing is strict no no. It can cause irritations, which can lead to various types of infections too.

Some other tips are:

Here are few other tips

  • Without cleaning your hands well, don’t touch that area.
  • Always follow the instructions you have received at the time of piercing.
  • If they are different from what we have discussed above, then follow the instructions that you have got at your piercing place.
  • Let the delicate area heal completely then you can apply any kind of cosmetics or lotions. During the healing process cosmetics & lotions are no no.
  • To make the healing process fast you need to live a healthy life & get a healthy body also.
  • Make sure you are not using any kind of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol containing products. These hard stuff can cause irritation in that delicate area.

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