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Reduce Cholesterol Naturally – Certain Do’s And Don’ts

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Cholesterol is one of the major causative antecedents of heart attacks, strokes and other diseases affecting the circulatory system. That’s because the substance aids and abets plaque formation. Arteries clogged by the formation of plaque are responsible for causing blockage and attacks. Body synthesizes cholesterol with the help of its own natural mechanism. However, a part of it is obtained from the food consumed. Basically, the body doesn’t need more than certain threshold of cholesterol. On the flip side, you ought to be particularly careful about the risks of high cholesterol. Genetic as well as other factors are responsible for increasing the level of blood cholesterol.



What do you do, if you fall into the risky zone?

If you fall into the risky category, the onus lies with you to exercise caution. Besides taking medications, there are ways to go about the process naturally.

  • Diet has an important part to play in abetting the reduction of cholesterol. In this context it is worth noting that what you consume is as important as the quantity of food taken in. Eating in excess contributes to the rise of bad cholesterol. Overweight is similarly responsible.
  • Concerted endeavor at losing weight is one of the easiest ways, and you can certainly bank on it.
  • Certain dietary packages are custom designed, so that they can aid the process of reduction. You can always crosscheck with your dietician or physicians with regard to their usage and validity.
  •  Diet consisting of fiber is particularly helpful, and fibers which are water soluble are more helpful than the others. Oat, bran, pectin and seeds of psyllium fall into the mentioned category.
  •   Fish enriched in Omega 3 fatty acid helps significantly in the process of reduction. Try and consume as much as 150 Gms of marine products on a weekly basis. Supplements based on fish oil are also effective in minimizing cholesterol.

What you should not be taking

  • As said previously, excess weight contributes to the rise of cholesterol. In particular, you ought to guard yourself from sweet temptations. That’s because sugar abets the process of cholesterol generation.
  • Caffeine happens to be another risk enhancing antecedent. Under no circumstances, should you consume it more than twice a day.
  • Alcohol also belongs to the said category of ‘don’ts’. If you are already in the risky zone, it is always advisable that you stay away from the same.

Last but not the least; do not overlook the relevance of the phrase- hurry, worry and curry. That’s because the three work in unison to abetting the risks of cholesterol. Despite the strains, deadlines and pressures of life; make it a point to minimize stress. Instead, work upon a balanced regimen of work, exercise, leisure and pleasure.

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