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Perils and Remedies of Cholesterol and Heart Attack

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The cholesterol and heart disease has been emerged as a fast growing problem among millions of people all around the world. Now a day spicy and oily foods are the first love of many people and definitely when you will consume oily food, it will lead you to the problem of cholesterol and heart diseases. People are using the foodstuffs and cold drinks such as hot eggs, butter, cheese, burgers, red meat, barbeque etc. It led down their hearts and caused various diseases at sudden.

1. Cholesterol and heart attack

What is cholesterol? It is a kind of heavy stuff which is existed in the human blood. It creates the ramparts around the artery system. These walls are spreading up slowly and gradually in the heart vicinity. All of a sudden the human artery system turns out to be stiff. The artery function moves into contracted direction. As a result the heart is hindered and infertile. The abrupt chest pain is started. The person feels tough breathing in his body which shows the minimal oxygen level in the body. The blood vessels are absolutely contracted. At end a person faces a chronic heart attack. That is the impairment of high cholesterol.

2. Cholesterol as hidden enemy

The heart surgeons are into view that the most common reason of the heart attack is the lack of awareness about the cholesterol level. The majority of the people are busy in every day life. Sometimes they take heavy and spicy foodstuffs over the weeks. All of a sudden the health conditions are gotten worst. As a result it becomes the cause of a chronic heart attack which often kills the person. How chronic is the cholesterol? That is the hidden fatal of man really.

3. Symptoms and causes

The doctors diagnose various reasons of high cholesterol and heart diseases. These are discussed as under.

3.1 Heavy foodstuffs

The fatty foodstuffs such as butter, red meat, oil barbeque, cheese, pastries, sweets, creams, chocolates and colas are become the major causes of high cholesterol and heart diseases.

3.2 Blood pressure and diabetes

The heavy foodstuffs create the diabetes and blood pressure in the human body which often becomes the actual cause of man’s death.

3.3 Drugs as fatal

The drugs such as alcoholism, hash, cocaine, smoking and nicotine become the cause of high cholesterol and heart attack in the human body.

3.4 Socio-cultural depressions

The social tensions as well as the depressions do not fix the diet of a man. He takes up whatever is given. Sometimes the cholesterol and blood pressure enhance suddenly which later cause the fatal of a person.

3.5 High and contracted vessels level

The high and contracted level of blood can cause the cholesterol and heart diseases in the human beings. The blood level is high due to fats.

3.6 Contentions as high cholesterol

The kind of fatigue, depression and contention could raise the blood and cholesterol level in the body. It can further increase the speed of the blood vessels and cause a chronic heart attack.

3.7 Indigestive stomach

The indigestive stomach system can increase the cholesterol level in the human body. It might also cause the vomiting and chronic fever. That could moreover take into chronic heart attack.

3.8 Genetical reasons

The most obvious reason of the high cholesterol and heart attack is the genetically factor. A person gets a lot of diseases from the maternal side. The blood pressure, sugar, depression, fatigue and lack of sleeping becomes the reasons of the heart diseases.

4. Remedies and precautions

The doctors have suggested some important precaution to avoid of chronic cholesterol and heart diseases. These are discussed as under.

4.1 Nutritional plan

The diet of the man must be good and full of nutrition’s. It should be consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and white meat as well as some white fish. The apple is the absolute cure during the time of high cholesterol and heart disease.

4.2 Water as real cure

The water is the real healing during the time of high cholesterol and heart beating. It would save the diseased from the high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack. Daily 4 glass of water at early morning would decrease down the blood pressure and cholesterol surely by the heavy release of urine. It would further make the better heart conditioning of the person.

4.3 Brisk walking

The best cure is the exercise. It would decrease down the high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and uric acid level. The medical science has shown the strong belief that the 30 minutes daily brisk walking would reduce the cholesterol level. That will be further reducing the dangers of the heart diseases.

4.4 Stoppage of drugs

The leave of smoking, hashing, alcoholism, cocaine etc would surely be beneficial in building your health conditions. It would decrease down the chances of high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack really.

4.5 Recreational plans

The kind of recreation is very helpful in reducing the tensions of your hearts and minds. It would change the diseased psyche. That is the good ecology which makes the person as fit as ever. That is the belief of the medical sciences.

4.6 Music as astounding therapy

The music is the food of soul. Therefore the people should enjoy the music in releasing their socio, economic and psychological tensions. A face of a good melody would bring the kind of revolution in your body. That will reduce the depression. It is the belief of the medical sciences now a day that the high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and depressed people should hear the sweet music to keep themselves happy and cool.

4.7 Regular check up

Last but not to the least, the high cholesterol and heart diseased people must check up their doctors punctually. The timely investigation as well as the treatment would make a person healthy and fit.

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Juicer May 3, 2008 - 7:35 am

Good to read some more about the causes of high cholesterol; a problem that many have to grapple with these days. Some good tips.

Wing May 11, 2008 - 11:47 am

Great article with details explaination about heart attack. As know that this is the first “killer” in the world now, i advice do not take fast food so often to get away from heart attack

phoenix August 6, 2008 - 9:03 pm

High cholestrol level is something that is avoidable, since it is based on personal choice of food and lifestyle to begin with. The least that we can do is to opt for a better lifestyle, and not to depend on medication that can only help us in reducing, but not curing.

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