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Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar

by Ana

If you feel tired and exhausted and your doctor is not finding a cause, your doctor may tell you that you have hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar often indicates that something is going wrong in your body and that’s why your doctor must need to look for the cause.

Human brain gets more than 98 percent of its energy from sugar in the blood. Similarly, other parts of the body also need energy to perform their different tasks and sugar serves as one of the biggest sources of energy for human body. And that’s why low sugar levels in the blood make you feel anxious, sweaty, hungry, and shaky.

Low blood sugar is of two types

Usually when your blood sugar increases quite a lot, the first type occurs. It causes pancreas to release high amount of insulin that decreases blood sugar too low. The second type occurs when the liver is running out of stored sugar.


Genes, profound malnutrition, prolonged exercise, late pregnancy, severe liver deficiency and other liver diseases are some well-known causes of hypoglycemia.

Signs and symptoms

Many people suffer from hypoglycemia, but they don’t even know it as they can’t recognize the signs of low blood sugar. It can be extremely dangerous if the signs of low blood sugar are not recognized.

In high blood sugar cases, the symptoms come along rather slowly, but the reaction can make you very ill. Increased thirst, blurry vision and going to the bathroom a lot may appear as signs and similarly very high blood sugar can make you feel nauseous and possibly vomit.

Feeling shaky, confused, unhappy, hungry or tired may come up as signs of low blood sugar. Similarly, many people get a headache; sweat a lot or their legs may shake.  When sugar levels drop dangerously, you can possibly get to the point where you pass out or may have a seizure.

Usually People experience the signs of low blood sugar when they take too much insulin, delay or miss a meal, exercise too much, or drink too much alcohol. People who suffer from liver disease also experience different signs of low blood sugar.


  1. Low blood sugar is somewhat dangerous, but a highly manageable and curable condition. You can try many different types of low blood sugar treatments .Some of them are as follow. Low blood sugar kit is basically the first treatment needed for hypoglycemia, as it is quite essential to perform a blood glucose check to determine your level of blood sugar. This test can be performed at the comfort of your home.
  2. Taking oral and intravenous solutions like dextrose is another type of low blood sugar treatment. Cortisol tablets or an IV infusion is used to treat Adrenal deficiency.
  3. Surgery is considered the most complicated treatment for people suffering from hypoglycemia. Sometimes, hypoglycemia can occur because of pancreatic tumors known as insulinomas that may be malignant. For such sort of growth, surgery is considered the most effective
  4. One of the most convenient and practical treatments for low blood sugar is to have proper diet. Your physician can tell you about the diets that help to increase your blood sugar levels. More often, the dietitians advise to eat sweets like chocolate, candies, bars or drink sodas too.

balance your blood glucose level.

Though low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can be dangerous, it’s a condition that can be easily managed with the proper guidance from your physicians.

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