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How to Remain Hale and Hearty with a Sound Immunological System

by Ana

Even if you are unaware of the exact facts and figures of human physiology; you must be sketchily aware of the role and relevance of human immunity. Immunity happens to be the all important shield of defense, the essential mechanism of defense whereby your physiology is suitably empowered to ward off diseases. Other than infections caused by germs and microorganisms; b a wide plethora of diseases can also affect your system, if you lack on counts of immunological quotient. While a part of your immunity is natural; the rest comes with acquisition. By way of vaccination and disease contracted; you acquire the rest of your immunological ability.

Neutrophil with anthrax

Neutrophil with anthrax

Photo by : wikimedia

Immunity happens to be the Backbone of Sustenance

It is important that you focus on adding to the strength of your immunity. With a weak immunological set-up; you are likely to lose out on your zeal and vitality. After all, immunity happens to be the major backbone of sustenance.

Some of the dos and don’ts regarding strengthening your immune system

  • Certain nutrients have proactive roles to offer in adding to the strength of your immunological set-up. Diet chart planned out with a healthful focus on nutritional balance can go a long way towards enhancing your immunity. Do take note of the following varieties
  • Food items rich in cartenoids such as carrots, broccoli and yam
  • Food items rich in Omega 3. Different varieties of fish, nuts and flax seed oil are supposed to be the rich treasure house of Omega 3
  • Food items rich in Vitamin C, E, Zinc and Selenium also contribute to the enhancement of immunity.


    Source by : wikimedia

  • Veggies belonging to the genre of ‘brassica’ are particularly effective in boosting one’s immunological pattern. Broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower are some of the leading illustrations.
  • Inclusion of yogurt in your daily diet is one of the imperatives. That’s because it is supposed to be the rich treasure house of immune enhancing bacteria.
  • Alcohol addiction is supposed to be negatively influential
  • For that matter excessive intake of caffeinated/carbonated beverages can spell disasters for your immunity.
  • To go by a research based finding, abuse of alcohol is responsible for causing immunodeficiency, with alcoholics being more vulnerable to a diverse plethora of communicable diseases including pneumonia as well as tuberculosis.
  • On the other hand, it has also been found that consumption of alcohol in moderate amount is good for your immunological system.
  • The importance of exercising and workouts
  • You can work out a fitness regimen with a consistent focus on health and well being.
  • Daily doses of exercising such as jogging, brisk walking and fitness training are there to seal your immune with an assurance of security.
  • Sleep as well as stress management
  • It is a fact that sleep deprivation contributes to stress. It not only contributes to stress but also devitalizes your immunological scheme.
  • On the other hand, getting yourself to sleep in abundance is stimulating for your immunity.
  • Stress hormones are essentially counteractive to the purpose of immunity. They are largely responsible for devitalizing the force of WBCs- the cells responsible for fighting out diseases.
  • Stress hormones are also responsible for making your immunity hyperactive. This in turn may give way to a series of autoimmune disorders
  • Thus apart from taking a balanced diet, you ought to focus on the means and measures of relaxation.
  • Smoking is highly undesirable
  • But by giving up on smoking, you can add to the strength of your immunity.
  • As it is smoking gives way to a plethora of conditions which are counterproductive to health.
  • To go by a research based finding, smokers following their stint of quitting reflected better bills of health than before.
  • Drinking water is of overwhelming significance.
  • Minimum of seven to eight tumblers of water has to be drunk regularly, and in this way you can add to the strength of your defense mechanism- the all important mechanism for warding off virus.
  • Water helps in cleansing your system of germs, toxins and other unwanted substances. This in turn, creates conditions favorable for your immunity.
  • Loss of weight is mandatory
  • Research has interesting facts to reveal about weight loss and its inevitable connection to strengthening ones immunity.
  • It has been found that obesity is one of the suppressants of immunological function. This is precisely the reason why obese people are found to be more susceptible to infection than those of the others.
  • With the help of a nutrition tracker or that of your body mass index; it is important to strike out a rule of balance- whereby you are able to ensure yourself of the exact body weight that is appropriate to your body mass index.

The aforementioned chits and tips mainly focus on ensuring a blend of healthy habits and nutrition, so that you work your way to health and happiness with a sound immunological pattern.

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