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How to Give a Great Full Body Massage

by Ana

A massage is a way of being a relaxing technique to relax a tired and tense body after the hectic day. People are living in busy daily schedules, continuously adding pressure and stress as they do not have time to perform such activities that would release their tensions and anxiety.

Years ago, massage was a big part of nursing and after a long time massages especially full body massages, have gained popularity all over the world due to its revitalizing character such as relax the body and mind, achy muscles and joints. More and more people are taking advantage of getting a massage on a regular basis. Massage can help to flush the toxins out of muscles and tissues, and thereby overall body along with the relaxation. Massage simply enhances general health physically and mentally both.Massage can do manually or with the help of mechanical equipment. The objective of massage therapy is beneficial response whether full_body_massage_jpg2it is done to heal an injury, mitigate stress, or improve the condition of muscles by increasing blood circulation. There are many different massage techniques that people can try.

These massages also consist of the full body massage. The person needs a friend, masseuse, or any person for his body massage. It is very important that the person has trust that the full body massage will help to relax the muscles.

The main items that are required a comfortable floor mat; hard sofa, massage table or massage chair where the person can stay while they are getting the full body massage. Choice of body lotions or essential oils to promote a sense of comfort can also be used in the full body massage. The person should wear loose fitting clothes or have a bath towel draped around the body where he don’t want the body massage to be done. Lie down on the massage table with relax and try to calm down.

The person who will be doing the full body massage should apply some lotion or oil on to his hands. Start applying a kneading motion along the sides of the spine. Move upwards towards the neck. The kneading motion should be done with the thumb but slowly and firmly.

The full body massage can be continued from the neck to back down the body towards the pelvis or towards arms, neck and shoulders. There should apply a circular kneading motion for the neck and shoulders. There will use fingers and thumbs to work any tension knots loose. Now move towards upper arms and rotate it in a clockwise motion. This will help the blood to move more efficiently in the upper arm.

When upper body massage will complete then move towards the legs it should start from the top of the thighs and work down to the knees. On thighs kneading motion can be a little harder. The flat part of palm also can use for knead the thigh and sides of the legs. After the top legs massage there will need to move to the calves and the ankles for the benefits of relaxation by a full body massage.

Benefits of massage

There are some benefits of not only full body massages, but massages in general.

  • A huge decrease in anxiety and stress with the help of massage
  • Significant increase in white blood cell count
  • Mentally relaxation
  • More focused on work and more productive
  • Massage can decrease the agitation
  • Improve breathing and heart rates.
  • Decrease many type of ailment.
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improvement in cancer.

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