Human physiology consists of a number of organ systems. It involves quite a bit of complexities, where the different systems despite their intrinsic connection are largely dissimilar from one another. In this complex networking of systems, every single organ has important roles to deliver. In fact, the entire functioning of the physiology is managed and maneuvered by the different units of an organic system. Hormones happen to be an important part of the endocrine system. Released in forms of chemicals, hormones have significant roles to offer to the cause of cell metabolism.

by Ricky Aponte
by Ricky Aponte

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The part played by the hormone

  • They serve as messengers, transporting signals from one cellular unit to another.
  • Hormones work in unison with different sets of receptor protein. This in turn, sets off the process of cellular response.
  • Besides other factors, anatomical development of human beings is largely influenced by hormones.
  • Hormones which are secreted by glands varying in types and kinds have roles to play in stabilizing and monitoring the chemistry of human body.  For instance, hormones influence the process of reproduction in both males as well as females.
  • Not only this, the way you react to a given situation, how you manage your sleep and how well you control stress is also determined by these chemical messengers.
  • To sum it up, you may say that the parts and parcels of the human chemistry are governed by hormones.

To go into the specifics

  • Hormones influence one’s behavioral pattern. Why does a teenager behave differently from a woman in her menopause? Again, the answers may be traced to the reasons which are hormonal. Of course, there are other antecedents working, as well. But most of the causes are hormonal in nature.
  •  From birth to the grave, you can hardly undermine the overwhelming influence of these all powerful chemical triggers. A baby safely enclosed in his mom’s womb comes under the influence of hormone. Similarly, hot flushes, mood swings which grip premenopausal women later in life are also the subsequent reaction of hormonal depletion.
  •  Certain physiological as well as psychological anomalies are triggered by unwarranted production of hormone. Similarly, hormonal deficiency is also responsible for triggering conditions such as obesity, bowel irritability, depression, diabetes and hordes of other conditions.
  • Hormones have roles to offer in regulating electrolytic balance. Even blood pressure is partly oriented and controlled by certain hormones of the endocrine system.

Balance is necessary

  • Hormones vary in types and kinds. Irrespective of their nature and specifications; what human body look for is balance. That’s because fluctuation in hormonal secretion, leads to physiological as well as mental anomalies.
  • Women in particular are often found reeling under the adverse influence of hormonal misbalance. Pre menstrual syndrome is one of the most common illustrations of such a misbalance. Similarly women nearing their menopause are also affected by hormonal fluctuation. Osteoporosis happens to be one of the common fallouts of this fluctuation.

Strike balance naturally

  • In case, you are seriously down with disease and debility, you need to bank on medical help. An endocrinologist can help shape your insight into the range and extent of hormonal fluctuation.
  •   Certain food items are also helpful in maintaining hormonal parity. For example, women suffering from pre menstrual syndrome are advised on taking diet which is salt restrictive.

Now, you know why and how hormones are termed as chemical regulators of the human system.



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