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Honey boosts body and mind

by Ana

Bee product is great agains bacteria and fungus, it increases the resistance of zour bodz, it rejuvanates tissue, clears the pain and fatigue and it stimulates and improves heart, it eases inflammation, and reduces the tension.

If you take honey preventively as a protection for cold and other diseases you should know that except by type, these products also differ by content of mineral material. Acacia honey has only seven to eight minerals, lime honey has 16 to 18, meadow honey around 25, forest around 40, and the highest number goes to chestnut honey – 45, and that’s why chestnut honey is ideal for boosting of your mind abilities.

Honey is great for both mind and body, and if you plan on using it throughout the year in order to improve your health habits, and boost your life quality, you should first consider its costs. Honey intake for a year isn’t that cheap, because honey is somewhat luxurious food product. First you should check whether you have some unresolved debt, before purchasing a complete honey intake for a year. You don’t really need to worry about your debt problems while you are planning to improve your health, right? If you don’t know how to create a successful debt plan or consolidate your existing debt, try hiring a professional service such as national debt relief or freedom debt relief to deal with your debt consolidation while you enjoy your new healthy lifestyle without worries.

Acacia honey

It comes with small amount of pollen dust, so people allergic to pollen can also enjoy it. It is crystalized slowly and it remains in liquid state up to three years. It is recommended during pregnancy, because it is best absorbed through intestine, and it is most quickly absorbed through blood stream and it is quickly distributed to vital organs for use. With athletes it boosts muscles, and with students it boosts brain activity and more.

Chestnut Honey

Honey from tamed and eatable chestnut is dark yellow, it has low smell, and a bit bitter taste. Due to its healing properties and high amount of pollen it is one of the most popular. It helps with bronchitis, asthma and other diseases of airways, blood vessel diseases and it fixes the problems with appetite. It has powerful bacteria effect, it contains a lot of hydrogen peroxide and it is great for healing of wounds and angina.

Meadow honey

Contains the highest amount of vitamins that come from many plants, and each plant has a specific chemical properties. At some parts there is more of alkaloid, somewhere more of mineral material, and somewhere more vitamins. Its specialty are ethereal oils and feticides (herbal antibiotics, which plants use to defend from microorganisms). Because of the content of vitamin, meadow honey should be eaten during the period of fall and spring colds.

Forest honey

IT has red brown, almost black color, and it is specific by high amount of mineral materials. It doesn’t come from nectar, but from honey dew or from blight from leaves and branches of different species of broadleaf trees. Oak blight is thick, gluey and it is dark red. It isn’t crystalized fast, it does not have strong smell, but it has powerful specific taste that reminds of caramel. Spruce blight is dark green and of black color, it does not have strong smell and it has a pleasant taste.

Lime honey

It contains silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, manganese, copper, chrome, nickel, zinc, cobalt, antimony, lead and phosphorus. It allows easier breathing and it is great against inflammation of airways and digestion system, as well as for a few kidney diseases. It improves the metabolism, soothes spasms and it is used against kidney diseases and cold, and it helps with cough. It shouldn’t be given to people with heart diseases and blood stream problems.

Sunflower honey

After the chestnut honey it is richest in pollen. It can have olive yellow or orange color. It is crystalized in month or two in tiny crystal, and If it is decrystallized after that it reaches the recognizable red color. It is especially recommended for colds, flu, and breathing problems.

Healing effects of honey in general

It is effective against bacteria and fungi, it increases the resistance of your body, it rejuvenates the tissue, soothes the pain, stimulates and improves heart, eases the inflammation, soothes the tensions. It also eases the problems created by chronic or acute diseases of airways organs, it improves organism state of kids, elderly or sick persons. It improves the recovery after some of the diseases of liver, kidney, prostate, nervous system and it improves mind and physical abilities.

Nutritional value of honey

Honey is high in calories food, because it contains more than 80 percent of carbon hydrates. It is rich with water and vitamins of B Group, C, E and A. It contains different minerals including potassium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, silicon, nickel, and copper which come from pollen seeds and grains. The darker the honey it features more mineral materials.

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