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HIV Virus Transmission Preventing Device

by Ana

In the recent issue of AIDS, results of a new study have been published stating that a new contraceptive method canHIV efficiently obstruct HIV virus transmission. This research has been conducted by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College. In the laboratory, this new device blocked the transmission of HIV virus proficiently. This is why the journal AIDS has published quite promising results.

This new device is a kind of vaginal ring, which works by releasing multiple types of non hormonal agents and microbicides, resultantly impeding HIV transmission as well as conception.

This is going to prove quite helpful as about 5 million new infections and 3 million deaths per year due to HIV/AIDS are being observed worldwide. Other contraceptive measures are sometimes allergen or non reliable; but this one device is anticipated to be quite reliable as well as effective.

Dr. Brij Saxena, lead author and the Harold and Percy Uris Professor of Reproductive Biology and professor of endocrinology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical College states, “This device is a new approach to birth control, because it avoids the long-term use of hormonal methods that have been associated with increased risk of certain cancers, At the same time, this is the first device to simultaneously offer the possibility to prevent unintended pregnancy and HIV transmission.”

The ring is integrated with multiple antiviral drugs for preventing HIV infection. Dr. Saxena further says, “The combination of these antiviral drugs has proven to be potent agents that may block infection by the HIV virus.”

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