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Healthy breakfast

by Souti

Breakfast always needs to be good enough to begin our day. Study revealed that having a perfect breakfast could even help you to get rid of some weight. The following tips would help you get a perfect start & stay energetic throughout the day.

  • Tea or coffee is a must have for breakfast & there are some great news for caffeine lovers. A research revealed that tea or coffee in moderate amounts could lower the risk of heart ailments. Study exposed (study conducted at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands) that people who consume 2-4 cups of java daily have 20% less risk of heart ailments in comparison to people who consume less than 2 cups a day. Even for tea loving people who ingest not more than one cup daily have 45% extra possibility of ailments in comparison with people who consume it 3-6 times a day.
  • Make your own smoothie at home. Begin with water along with non-dairy beverages like rice milk or almond milk/low fat milk. Now pour frozen of freshly chopped fruits (berries or banana) & for protein add tofu or yoghurt or nut butter etc.
  • Study revealed that people, who have a healthy breakfast with healthy foods, usually ingest lower calories during the remaining day. Research showed that people who consume  610 calories in breakfast (with good portion of lean protein, carbs etc.) for almost 14 days, reduce more than 21 % of their weight in comparison to people ingested 290 calories in breakfast.
  • To enjoy all the valuable nutrients of your favourite fruits you need to have them just after chopping it off. Don’t keep them for a later meal. It will ruin some of its nutrients.
  • While you are buying oatmeal make sure it contains 170 mg of sodium & even lower than 5 gm of sugar. For cereals be careful that, it’s enough rich in fibre & serving the proper calories. Avoid yoghurts that contains high amount of sugar. The best thing is to purchase a plain yoghurt & make it tasty with your favourite fruits (you can also add honey if you want).
  • The fruit juices you usually buy from your grocery stores could contain extra sugar as well as preservative. So having a good juicer at your home would help you to get the taste of freshly made juices.
  • Make your breakfast a good supplier of omega-3s, fibre as well as protein. You can add low fat dairy, lean meat & eggs in your breakfast. Fibre is known for its ability to control cholesterol as well as keep your energy high & control your blood sugar level.

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