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Health Effects of Green Tea

by Ana

When it comes to prevention and cure, that nothing can offer more intriguing and effective results than natural products.

green-teaThe organic materials, herbs and natural remedied are way more effective and harmless than the artificially manufactured medicines and ointments.

This is why, out elderly still use (and advise to use) these natural remedies in time of need. Green tea is a herbal tea that has been used as medicinal remedy and health purposes since long. In this article, I will discuss the nature, benefits and uses of this remarkable herbal product.

What is Green Tea?

The place of its origin is none other than China. This tea is made from Camellia Sinensis. Leaves of this plant are used to make green tea, and are processed with minimal oxidation. Though it is mainly used in Asia specifically in China; the west is turning towards this herbal tea now. Trend of having green tea rather than black one is becoming more and more popular especially in the west, due to the overgrowing obesity issue.

It is important to note that nothing determines the final flavor of tea more than level and extent of oxidation. Green tea undergoes minimal oxidation while it is being processed, in order to maintain the fine and superior taste of this herbal tea.

Health Effects of Green Tea:

There have been extensive researches on the health effects of green tea and results have been surprisingly pleasing. Some of the major potential benefits of green tea include;

1.    Anti-Cancer properties

2.    Increases metabolic rate

3.    Anti-Diabetes effect

4.    Enhances mental alertness

5.    Improves immune system

6.    improves quality of life for HIV affected

7.    Helps in RI

8.    Improves cardiovascular health

Let us discuss the above mentioned effects in detail, now.

This tea has miraculous effects when it comes to cancer, especially lungs, breast and prostate cancer. A study shows that intake of only three cups of green tea can considerably slow down the growth of lung cancer cells. One cup of green tea daily makes you five times less prone to growing lung cancer.

It is well known for increasing metabolic rate, hence losing fat. It paces up fat oxidation and enhances glucose tolerance as well as insulin sensitivity.

This nice herbal tea has been reported to affect mental alertness in a positive manner. It activates the brain and it becomes alert and attentive.


Also, it enhances the performance of immune system by helping it fight against the infection in better way. It also lessens the chances of cognitive destruction in a person.

HIV is one of the most dreadful diseased anyone can affect from. Green tea is neither a cure nor prevention for this condition; but it helps enhancing the quality of life of the HIV Patients. For them, nothing can be better than a relatively smoother life.

Other conditions in which green tea proves helpful include inflammatory bowel disease, bad breath, bacterial and fungal infections, venom, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, Rheumatoid Arthritis and depression.

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