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Health Benefits of Watermelon

by Souti
health benefit of watermelon

There are various foods which can give you impeccable fun while consuming them. Watermelon can be counted as one of them. Big red or green or white chunks are one of the must consumed items in summer. It’s a great source of vitamin C, A etc. Watermelon is able to boost your immunity & is also able to avert various gum as well as teeth ailments. This excellent source of vitamin B6 can transform protein into energy & improve brain functions as well.

Eases Muscle Aches:

watermelon Eases Muscle Aches

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Various studies published in the Journal of Agricultural Food & Chemistry have revealed that consuming watermelon juice before hardcore workout can help you to reduce your next day muscle aches as well as lower your athlete’s heart rate too, because of its L-citrulline (amino acid) content. It can enhance the blood circulation & help in relaxing the vessels.

Improving Heart Health:

watermelon improve heart health

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A study carried out by Florida State University’s physiologist have revealed that if postmenopausal women begin to take watermelon educed supplements that are currently available in the market (containing arginine & citrulline) for straight 6 weeks, their cardiovascular health improves quite a bit. It can also be useful in lowering the blood pressure level of obese middle aged women.

Low In Calories But Great Supplier of Vitamins & Minerals:

90% of this fruit is water, so it’s a very low calorie option. However a small portion of this fruit can supply a good amount of vitamin C, A, potassium etc. that are essential for your daily nutritional necessity.

Averting Cancer:

Averting Cancer

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Lycopene is another important nutrient that we get from watermelon. It’s known as an antioxidant, which can treat as well as avert prostate cancer.

Keeps Kidney Health:

Kidney Health

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For keeping your kidneys healthy watermelon juice is a great option. It can keep your kidney healthy by removing uric acid as well as ammonia too. Watermelon seeds are more effective for this purpose, so the next time you buy watermelon make sure you buy them with the seeds on.

Managing Weight:

Managing weight

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It has been proved through studies on animals that this can reduce the storage of fat in fat cells. By obstructing the consequences of TNAP (an enzyme),it plays a role in storing fat. Although most people seem to think that studies on animals are not the iron clad proof of an element’s effectiveness, nevertheless having a glass of watermelon juice prior to your meal is a great option for hydration.

Preventing Asthma:

preventing asthama

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People who consumes essential nutrients like vitamin C (found in various fruits including watermelon) in good quantities can reduce the risk of asthma.

Controlling Blood Pressure:

blood pressure control

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According to the American Journal of Hypertension, supplements containing extracts of watermelon can lower the brachial blood pressure, ankle blood pressure & carotid wave reflection (common among middle aged women with weight issues)along with stage 1 hypertension or even pre-hypertension. Watermelon is known for boosting arterial function as well.

Hydrated Hair & Skin:

healthy skin and hair

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For maintaining good skin & healthy hair watermelon could be a great option.This vitamin A rich fruit can keep your hair well moisturized, while vitamin C takes care of creating & managing collagen. It can provide a good structure for your hair as well as on your skin.

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