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Going Too Early To The School May Influence Student’s Mind: Study Shows

by Ana

Waking up early in the morning for the sake of going to school seems like a torture that every student faces in his life but a recent study has shown that early school start time is not just an activity which students dislikes but it actually influences their minds, their moods, their alertness and other things like this.

School BusIn the study it was seen that the High school students at a private school at Rhode Island which starts half hour late in morning were more alert, less depressed, more active and they were working quite better in class as compared to other students whose school’s start time is quite early in the morning.

Nowadays another term is also getting very popular and that is homeschooling, there are lots of programs that have been developed just for making this concept come true. The learning at home is a very nice option that can relax the children from the tensions of daily school going. Learning through an online school or homeschooling are options that allow students to not be held to a morning wake up time.

The experiment that was practiced in this research was also a bit like homeschooling because it was also providing comfort to the teachers and students. Dr. Judith Owens, lead author of a paper appearing in the July issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, while discussing about this new study stated that “At the end of the experimental period, there was not a single faculty member, student or administrator who wanted to go back to the old start time”.

This thing was also revealed from Owens side “”Many of the faculty members said the same thing: that it improved the quality of their lives as well as the perception that students were just better rested and more ready to start the day.”

Thus the late school start can contribute to a better working of the students, this is a fact that no students want to leave his bed early in the morning and when they’ll be given a chance to take a bit more sleep then they’ll wake up in good moods and fresher minds.

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