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Four Signs You Need To See An Optician

by Rabail

Did you know you could have a problem with your sight without even realising it? It’s true. The human body is remarkable. If a problem with your eyes develops at a later stage in life and you do nothing about it, your body will adjust. No, you’re eyesight won’t suddenly get better. But you’ll think it has because your brain will adjust the picture for you. That means you won’t notice blurred vision or problems reading words on a page. It’s a little bit more complicated than this but basically, your brain will simply miss those words out altogether. You might not think that a little eye trouble is all that serious. But imagine, if you’re on the road and you can’t see the car in front of you properly. You could cause a serious accident due to a problem with your vision you should have got checked out. Here’re a few signs you need to see an optician sooner rather than later.

Image By: Les Black

Image By: Les Black

Is That an R or an E?

When you’re on the road, you might on occasion catch yourself trying to read a number plate. If it’s about 67 feet away and you’re struggling to read it, go see an optician. Chances are it’s time to get glasses or contact lenses. You’ll convince yourself that the car is out of our vision. But think back and you’ll realise that you used to be able to recognise a number plate from that far away. Get checked out and at the very least you’ll put your mind at ease.

It’s A Little Blurry

Blurred vision is another sign that you need to get your eyes check. Even if it’s just temporary, this could point to a serious problem. Many people dismiss blurred vision as a head rush from standing up too fast. But if this is happening all the time it’s not something you should ignore. You need to find out what’s going on.

Blind As A Bat

It’s not uncommon for people to have difficulty seeing in the dark. But most people’s eyes will adjust at least partially, to dark surroundings. Essentially, you should not be blind at night and this has nothing to do with how many carrots you eat. If you have night blindness, you might need special specs. Particularly, if you plan on driving in the dark anytime soon. It’s not just blindness either. Some people’s eyes have issues with lights causing blurred vision. Luckily, these days you can’t get lenses that fit your lifestyle including ones for HD night vision.

Broken Glass

Have you ever seen what looks like broken glass on your vision? That’s a migraine, but they are often caused by poor vision. Usually, children are the ones who ignore this sign. They know there’s a problem but they don’t understand the cause. All they know is that they’ve got a headache. That’s why children should regularly see an optician.

If you have encountered any of these issues with your eyes, don’t wait. See an optician today and get the problem resolved so you can see things clearly once more.

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