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Electronic Cigarette Side Effects

by Ana

Thinking of giving e-cigarettes a try and giving your pack of butts that kick at last? Know about the Electronic Cigarette Side Effects before you take up smoking the e-way.

Electronic Cigarettes Safety

Three laboratory tests have been conducted on Electronic Cigarettes by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is an Agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Electronic Cigarettes liquid has been found fit for human intake through inhalation. But the FDA has not upheld e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.


Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad For You?

FDA has declared the e-cigarette to be a ‘drug-delivery device’. It has issued warning letters to five American companies that manufacture e-cigarettes. That is enough indication that if you puff on electronic cigarettes health risks can arise.

Electronic Cigarettes Side Effects

There are several side effects of electronic cigarettes. These devices can have an impact on the physiology as well as mentality of a person. Go through some of the major side effects of smoking Electronic Cigarettes.


E-cigarettes do not possess harmful contents of traditional cigarettes such as Carbon Monoxide, Tobacco and Tar. But the Nicotine that they contain is an addictive drug in itself. An alkaloid poison, nicotine enhances blood pressure and heartbeat. It is responsible for releasing the hormone epinephrine which arouses the nervous system and relaxes the brain. It also releases the Beta-endorphin hormone that reduces pain. Over time, smoking e-cigarettes can turn into a dangerous addiction. Giving these up can result in mood disorders, increased appetite, concentration problems, depression and anxiety. These symptoms can last for many months.


The electronic cigarettes juice contains Tetramethylpyrazine in low doses. It has scientifically been proven to cause extensive brain damage on prolonged exposure.
Propylene Glycol

The liquid also includes Propylene Glycol in high doses which may lead to Gastrointestinal Irritation.

Faulty Marketing

The effects of a smart marketing strategy cannot also be undermined. Of late, the promotion of e-cigarettes has been more towards the younger generation. It is being feared that the slick advertising may encourage even non-smokers to give e-cigarettes a try. The liquid in the devices also come in varied flavors like orange, chocolate and mint. This can also be attractive to children.


That a pack of electronic cigarettes starter kit costs less than normal cigarettes is further incentive for smokers to choose them.

Can Electronic Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

E-cigarettes can significantly lower health damage in smokers of actual cigarettes. But there is no concrete proof that it helps you put an end to smoking. Most smokers can take it up as another addiction and the juice can result in another kind of intoxication which may be less detrimental but is damaging anyway. Once you take up electronic cigarettes quitting them can be similarly difficult.

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ebrahim October 30, 2011 - 11:42 am

am a new user to this product (e-cigarette) and have face no side effect i have been smoking normal cigarette for over 4 years and recommend this the best i have in healed thanks

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