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Diabetes: Some ways of dealing with it

by Souti

Diabetes is quite a common problem, but it leads to several major diseases. So we need to follow some routine path for our well-being. When you get to know that you are diabetic, it is your responsibility to find out the ways & follow that.

•    Arranging a competent healthcare team is the major priority of your diabetes treatment.

•    People suffering from diabetes should know about the symptoms of diabetes, like- very frequent urination, feeling abnormally hungry, vision disorders, always feeling sleepy etc.

•    While consuming alcohol you should be know your limit, because it hinders the capability of manufacturing blood sugar.

•    If you are diabetic then nerve injury & improper circulation in your feet can cause damages, which can get infected later. So take serious precautions for your feet.

•    Diabetic people can also suffer from several eye problems like early cataract, double vision, retinopathy etc. So regular eye check up is necessary.

•    Diabetes during pregnancy is a really difficult situation, it can cause stillbirth also. Controlling your blood sugar level in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is very important. Controlling your sugar can also resist several abnormalities of the baby.

•    Always carry some handy snacks to keep your distance from hypoglycaemia. Try to have some fruits or vegetables or some whole grain products.

•    Don’t nurture misconceptions that sugar-free food products are free of calories; it is less than 0.5 gm of sugar, but still carries a little amount.

•    Walking is one of the best exercises for a diabetic patient. It helps you to lose weight; it is good for your joints, beneficial for controlling your blood sugar.

•    In diabetes, the foot is one of the biggest pain points, so it is better to go for diabetic shoes to overcome your pain.

These are some tips which you should follow to keep yourself steady and calm even if you are diabetic.

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