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Depression medications and their well-known side-effects

by Ana

Ours is an age of worries and tensions and because of these increasing woes that relate to our different aspects of life, you would find that nearly every third person seems depressed. A majority of people don’t even know that they have become the victim of depression, as they don’t know what real symptoms of this social trauma are. People, who know that they are suffering from depression, always look for better depression medication. There is a wide range of anti-depressant drugs available these days, but majority of people seem to trust in Lexapro and Effexor. Most of people prefer to buy generic lexapro to treat their depression. Similarly, there are many patients who trust in effexor and want to know about a reliable source where they can buy generic Effexor. They both are considered two trusted anti-depressants.

Both these drugs are quite effective in treating depression as they increase level of serotonin in the brain which leads to create a balance in different chemicals found in the brain. Serotonin is a substance that influences our moods and its increased levels can make people out of their gloomy self-surround cover. Lexapro and Effexor prove quite effective and offer nice help to depression sufferers.

Different clinical trials show that these drugs begin their process to treat depression symptoms within one or two weeks, but depression sufferers have to keep taking these drugs for a long time.

Before taking any of anti-depressant medication, you must consult with your doctor and if you are using these drugs, do not withdraw from them in a sudden and should continue its use as long as your doctor doesn’t suggest withdrawal from it.

These anti-depressants also have some side-effects including insomnia, nausea, ejaculation problems in men, fatigue, increased sweating and somnolence, but these side-effects are temporary.

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