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Ephedrine HCL: A wonder drug for athletes, obese and bodybuilders

by Ana

Ephedrine HCL serves as a nice option for endurance athletes, bodybuilders and obese people, as it does a lot of nice things for them. Nowadays ephedrine hcl 8mg and ephedrine hcl 30mg drugs are being widely used by a large number of bodybuilders, athletes and obese people. As it is quite well-known as an expectorant bronchodilator that thins out phlegm and mucus and makes it quite easier for the user to expel it from your body. Usually, bodybuilders and other athletes suffer from breath shortness, chest tightness and wheezing due to over-activity or some other problem. This drug can be very effective for these bodybuilders and athletes.

Ephedrine is also being used to lose weight, enhance concentration and physical ability, this drug proves a lot more effective if used coffee or aspirin, as it can increase aerobic capacity and body’s ability to transport oxygen in various parts when it is used with caffeine. It also helps to boost the energy level and thermogenesis in the body and the body begins to metabolize more and more calories as well as fats. And that’s why the drug is used by the body builders when they want to accentuate their muscular cuts and burn fat. The obese also seem to reap the benefits of the drug in the same way.

Nervousness, shakiness, loss of sleep, irritability and loss of appetite are some side effects that are associated with ephedrine HCL use.

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