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Use of Natural Medicines

by Ana

We live in the world where we are surrounded by different health problems and situations because of the fast life that we live and therefore many people often tend to stick to their medicines at all times.

However, going for synthetic medicines is not good for health because they contain synthetic ingredients that can have their own side effects and can ruin our overall health in the long term.

Earlier people were not aware of the side effects that synthetic medicines can give us but things are changing now as more and more people are becoming aware of the problems that can occur because of synthetic medicines.

Hence, people are now deciding to move on to herbal medicines and other homeopathic medicines which are safer and that do not have side effects.

Hence, they are now switching to natural medicine Oscillococcinum which can relieve them instantly from problems like flu and other health problems that can come with flu like drowsiness and drug interactions. The trend of switching to herbal medicines has been seen all over the world because people are now aware of the problems that synthetic medicines can give them and the best way to keep away from such side effects is to stay away from such synthetic medicines.

In one of the research done by The Hartman Group on behalf of Boiron, world leader of homeopathic medicines it was found that 82% of the women in the United States are now looking for over the counter medications that do not have synthetic ingredients that can give them side effects in the future. Hence, it was found that majority of the women in the US are now very particular about selecting their OTC medications and they are aware that synthetic drugs are not good for them. In the study it was also found that 42% of the people gave importance to purity and healthfulness and 31% gave importance to lack of chemicals.

Apart from that there were 1400 women across the United States that took part in the survey and it was found that people are now looking for alternatives instead of synthetic medicines. However, it was also found that people are now aware of the homeopathic medications available in the market. Medicines like Oscillococcinum are good for health problems like flu, headaches, body chills, fever and feeling run down but there is not much awareness among the people. Hence, shoppers were given an option where information was provided to them about these medicines and eventually one third of the people were ready to try these homeopathic medicines.

Interestingly, 15% of the people said that they have used homeopathic medicines in the past 12 months and 14% said that they have been using homeopathic medicines for their children as well. Hence, the study by the Hartman Group clearly indicated that people today are not only giving importance to getting well but they also pay importance to the long term effects that these medications have on their mind and body.

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