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Deadliest Food Allergies

Food Allergies

More than 54 percent of Americans have allergies and most of the allergies have uncomfortable symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose but for more than 40 million people an allergen can cause life threatening reaction. According to the study in Archives of International Medicine, 15% of U.S people are at risk of deadliest allergies.

Some life threatening allergies can be caused by:

a. Food allergy
b. Insect sting
c. Drugs
d. Latex
e. Exercise etc.

a. Food allergy

From peanuts to antibiotics, many substances can cause food allergy that can be life threatening. Peanuts and wheat are present in many of foods and these two ingredients can cause severe food allergy. The people who are allergic to peanuts, wheat or other any other ingredients they should read the food labels before going for any food item. Food and drug Administration says that the top eight food allergens should be mentioned on the food labels. These food allergens include peanuts, eggs, milk, selfish, wheat, soy, fish and tree nuts.

If you eat anything outside home like in the neighbors or cafeteria etc let the server know that you cannot eat these ingredients.

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