Health Tips

Metal Allergy: Causes & Remedies

Study reveals that females are more prone to metal allergy then men because of their jewellery use. After getting your most awaited piercing, you can experience some itchiness within the area. It happens because of metal allergy. Many people are found allergic to metals like cobalt, nickel, chromium etc. Research shows that metals have also been identified in common appliances used in home.

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Remedies for Loose Skin

A perfectly fit, tight and glowing skin always compliments your body. When you have a glowing face, however your skin is quite loose, and then your complete look gets ruined. Sometimes it could appear as a result of excessive weight loss. It could also happen during the post pregnancy period.  This type of problem is one of the major causes of depression. So the following will help you to get rid of this ailment:

How to Tighten your Facial Skin:

•    To get a visible jaw as well as neck line, firstly you need to close your mouth & your lips need to be tight & nice. Now press the jaw as well as chin against your lips again & again. Never ever try to do this in a chewing way. You just need to move your jaw & chin, so that your lips or mouth remain in the same position.

•    Your facial muscles need routine exercises. Try to smile as widely as you can (until you feel the stretch). Now to push your cheeks use the ring, index & middle fingers of your hands (both the hands). Try to press them as much as you can against your cheeks.

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Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages among all age groups. It’s also knows as a Chinese medicine, which helps for treating depression as well as headache. During the whole processing it goes through very minimum oxidant. This lime yellow coloured refreshing tea is always a good option to get some relief from your day long stresses. Some valuable nutritional benefits of green tea are follows:

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Water Allergy

We just can’t imagine our life without water. So we consider it as our life. However several people in this earth are suffering from water allergy. Aquagenic pruritus is another name of this allergy.  Itching is the major problem for this kind of allergy. When your skin gets in touch with water, itching starts, however you are not going to find any rashes over your skin. Sometimes it depends on the temperature of the water as well.

The following will help you get a better idea about this allergy; however consulting with a professional is the best way out.

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Morning Routine

Different people have different excuses in order to portray that they have not been able to kick start their day as they would have desired to.

Today the most common reason which people use as an excuse is working late into a night before. Whereas for ladies they have reasons such as having a tough time while handling kids from school or tuitions.

But few of us are aware that starting a day in the right manner can be simpler than working throughout the day. Whether a person is a fitness nut or a gym-o-phobic some tips regarding fitness, nutrition, or wellness can surely help a person to break the morning nut.

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Hookah Effects

The Middle East is considered as the birth place of hookah, but in present days it has been quite popular in other places too. Hookah bars have become quite a popular hot spot for young men and women. Study revealed that more than 100 million people worldwide regularly smoke hookah. People nurture some misconceptions like hookah is less harmful as well as less addictive than cigarette. However some recent studies show that it could enhance the health hazards, which are closely linked with tobacco uses. Hookah use can also increase chances of oral cancer, digression of dental health & some other serious ailments too.

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