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Some Tips For Early Prevention For Heart Attack

Heart attack is a quite common problem worldwide, for experiencing heart attack you don’t need to reach your 50s or 60s. This is one of the deadliest situations when we have no other option except praying, so early prevention is always welcome.

  • Knowledge about the initial signs of heart attack is very important, like- shortness of breath, leg swelling, chest pain, prolonged cough, pounding heat etc.
  • A smoking habit increases the chances of cardiac arrest, so try to control your smoking habit.

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Some natural remedies for providing relief from cough

Cold & cough is a very common problem worldwide. Mostly it occurs at the time when seasons change. Sometimes intense cough can lead to vomiting. Mostly we prefer to have antibiotics for the treatment purpose, but before doing that we can try easy home remedies.

•    Prepare a mixture of ginger extract along with pinch of black pepper & a tbsp of honey. Try to take this 3-4 times a day. It will give you some relief.

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Remedies of binge-purge syndrome

Binge-purge syndrome also known as bulimia is a sort of eating problem. It mostly occurs in the adolescence period. Body tries to get rid of the food products before its digestion. It leads to vomiting. There are a few way out for this problem, which can give you some relief.

•    Whenever you realise the symptoms go for professional check-up. Don’t delay the treatment; early treatment can give you some early relief.

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Effective Solutions for Sore Tooth

Sore tooth is a very common problem worldwide, and at the same time it is very painful. It just hampers our smooth living. Sometimes it turns so painful that we feel headache & also suffer from nausea. Intense tooth pains can even lead to fever.
•    To get the effective result mix a pinch of pepper dust in the clove oil & apply it at the painful area.

•    Prepare a combination of 1 tsp of salt along with a pinch of pepper powder. Apply the mixture at the sore tooth. You can feel the difference.

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Effective Remedies for Warts

Warts or verruca mostly occurs because of infection. It can happen on several areas like- legs, neck, hands, face, genital area, feet etc. It has several very easy remedies which can give you some effective results if you continue those remedies on a regular basis.

•    Duct tape is very common to remedy for warts. For about six days put a duct tape piece on the wart. Now with lukewarm water soak the damaged area & then use the pumice stone to scrap the area. It will give you an early recovery.

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How to prevent nose bleeds at home

Nose bleeding is quite a common problem & we can experience such problems for several reasons. Such problem always comes with irritation & nose bleeding is not an exception, but it is definitely not an unsolvable problem. Several home remedies are available for its treatment.

•    Use moist cotton to cap the bleeding side. Always remember to store a nasal spray for such purposes.

•    Blow your nose forcefully before you start processes to stop the nose bleed. It will remove the clot.

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