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The Traveller with Asthma

by Souti

Travelling is always good for every aspect (for refreshment or for knowledge etc), but for people with asthma it’s a bit delicate issue. They need to ensure a few things to make the travel enjoyable.

•    To know the present situation consult your doctor well in advance from your travelling date & make sure that your asthma is under control.
•    Carefully check the medical insurance policy whether they exclusively cover any asthma patients or not.
•    Ask your doctor to give you a written document of your asthma condition.
•    Make sure that you are carrying all the necessary medicines (even some extras).
•    Carry your necessary medicine in your hand luggage.
•    If you are a nebuliser user then make sure that you will get power outlets at your destination. Whenever you plan for remote destinations, ensure that you will get all the facilities there.
•    Traveling at high altitude is perfectly all right as long as your asthma is under control. Always carry sufficient amounts of medicines.
•    Asthma patients should not go for scuba diving.
•    Carefully consume foods, don’t intake anything that can make you uncomfortable.
•    Try to maintain distance from a dusty place; it will increase your respiratory problems.

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