Hair Care

Tips for Coloring Your Hairs

Hair coloring is one of those styling procedures which always remains alive with any fashion trend, what changes is only the shades.

Women always want their hairs to be colored in a stylish way so that they can style themselves and for this they undergo such activities which sometimes turn into disaster rather than just style. Hair coloring trend looks awesome but like any other fashion activity it also carries some certain set of rules and if they are not followed then the style goes away from fashion to somewhat horrible thing. For the ladies who want to get their hairs colored in a fantastic way, here are some set of rules that are applied on hair coloring and they should be followed if you want a professional look for your hairs.

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How to Apply Hair Gel

Hair Gel

Hair gel is a quite helpful option to smooth your hair & get back its shine. It’s also quite popular as a style lotion. It helps you to try out different styles. However knowing about the proper application is necessary to get the best result.

Preparing hair gel:

•    For the major component of hair gel, you need to use the flax seed. It averts blockage of arteries.

•    Take a cup of water & boil it with 2 tsp of these seeds.

•    Boil them thoroughly & then allow it to cool for almost 1/2 an hour.

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Preparing Effective Homemade Hair Spray

Hair Spray

We love to try various different hairstyles, but sometimes we are completely unaware about the right choice of hair-spray1product, that can help us to create the style. Hair spray is something that helps you to hold the style properly. You can easily get various hair sprays in market, but most of them contain harmful chemicals, so homemade sprays are a great option.
Preparing your own hair spray:

Light lemon:

•    Firstly you need to arrange for some water along with 2-4 lemons.

•    Now cut the lemons & place them in a saucepan.

•    Pour water & boil it.

•    Keep adding the water as it vaporises (for almost an hour).

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Highlighting as well as Low lighting of Your Hair


Low lighting & highlighting are some different ways of hair colouring. These processes also help you to enhance your highlightbeauty. In the present day style statement highlighting has been appreciated widely.

Things you should follow:

•    Firstly, you need to arrange some small or thick threads or strands, & then apply almost twice lighter shades of your original hair colour. Make sure that your hair colour is complementing your original colour.

•    To keep the nice look you need to stick to 2-3 or even four tones lighter. Lighter tones can ruin your look.

•    Just before applying highlight make sure that you are washing your hair continuously for two days. The day you decide to go for highlighting don’t wash your hair.

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Some Knowledge of Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair is something which can enhance our beauty, but in the present scenario most of us are suffering from hair loss. It hair-losscan be heretically or because of pollution or weather or improper care etc. Some conditions which can appear because of hair loss are:

•    You can also experience the privation of your body hair (alopecia universalis).

•    In fact you can experience the loss of your eyelashes as well as eyebrows hair (alopecia universalis).

•    This situation can also lead to loss of hair patches (alopecia areata).

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Some Causes of Hair Loss among Women

Hair Loss

Hair loss among women is quite common in present scenario. In such a polluted environment, improper care even products-for-hair-loss-1makes the situation worse. Sometimes medical reasons can also be one of the major reasons behind hair loss. When you get the proper knowledge about hair loss it will help you to treat it well.

•    Lupus or some other ailments (which damage the connecting tissues) can also be the reason for your hair loss.

•    You can also experience hair loss because of anemia or lack of iron.

•    Because of the fvarian tumore or some other reproductive system related ailments you can also experience the hair loss.

•    Thyroid problems can also appear as one of the major reasons of hair loss.

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