Hair Care

Hair Dying: Some Do’s & Don’ts

Hair Dying

We love to colour our hair & experiment with different looks. But at the same time we are getting scared of damaging hairour hair. So we need to be aware of some do’s & don’ts about the hair dyeing process, so that we can enhance our beauty without any damages.

•    To protect stain on your neck as well as hands, you need to wear gloves & cover your neck & shoulder with a cloth or towel. Vaseline has been found to be useful for protecting strains.

•    Before applying the colour you should follow the allergy test as per the instruction. When everything goes well then you can then apply it over your hair.

•    Don’t apply conditioner on that particular day of dyeing. You also need to avoid henna before applying colour over your hair.

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Some Common Causes of Dandruff


Dandruff is an embarrassing problem. When you are suffering from dandruff problem, occasionally it makes you dandruffuncomfortable in front of others. Having the knowledge of its causes can help you to escape those things.

•    Seborrheic Dermatitis is believed to be another strong reason for dandruff. In case of such a problem you can notice the yellow or white scaly flakes. It can also affects your nose as well as eyebrows, ears (behind the ear) etc.

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Dandruff Shampoo and Treatment

Boost, a leading company in hair and skin care products, brings you some ofDandruff Shampoo and Treatment the most effective hair care products for your specific needs. They have some great products for combating issues like dandruff, sore scalp, scalp itchiness, loss or thinning of hair, etc. You can get the look you want with healthy hair. If you have dandruff then dandruff treatment products and dandruff shampoo from Boost will uniquely satisfy your needs. Along with the products, some changes in your diet and lifestyle will go a long way to give you the perfect, voluminous and luxuriant crop of hair that you want. No matter what type of hair you got, brunette or blond, rich or sparse, curly or straight, Boost products have an answer to everything.

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