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Breast Self-Examination is the primary method to discover the symptoms of breast cancer

by Kamal Salar

Cancer in general is a disease in which cells begin to grow rapidly and without of any control. Cancer cells can travel through the body by the way of blood or lymph nodes. When it comes to the specific case of Breast Cancer, every woman could be at risk for breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer varies with age, typically for women below the age of 25 this risk is about 1 in 20,000 whereas at the age of 45, it is 1 percent and at age 85, it is more than 1 in 10.

Researchers are yet to find out why and how normal cells suddenly can become cancerous. Thus, the fundamental cause or causes of such type of cancer is still unknown but scientists have found out that certain risk elements are associated to the development of breast cancer. These elements include family breast cancer history of occurring in mother or sister and early beginning of menstruation and also late menopause. In other cases women do not breast-feed or Women who have no children or have children late in life have more risk.

Breast Self-Examination is the primary method to discover the symptoms of breast cancer. Doctors recommend that women should know the ways to properly examine their breasts at a regular basis. The main purpose is to observe for any noticeable changes in the breasts in terms of Change in size or shape of the breast, Change in the size, shape, or color of a nipple and thickening in the breast or armpit. A lump in breasts or in armpit area is one important warning sign of breast cancer though in many cases, lumps are not cancerous and can be easily removed without any harm to the patient.

A mammogram is an X-Ray photograph that is used as a primary medical tool to diagnose breast cancer. Doctors suggest at least a yearly mammogram for all women when they reach fifty. Sometimes the method of Biopsy is also done where a small sample of tissue is thoroughly examined to find the possibility of breast cancer.

The treatment normally used for breast cancer depends largely on how serious a patient’s condition is. The simplest treatment of such cancer is a lumpectomy. The cancerous lump and tissues around it is removed from the breast in this process. The treatment of mastectomy is also used when the lump is quite large.

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